Friday, July 25, 2014

A joy that's shared is a joy made double.

We set off down the ox track towards the stream. By the time we get there the sun is slowly rising above the sunflower fields. The PON's are kept on their leads. For me it's just another walk. For them it's a huge adventure. This morning there's the scent of deer and fox and hare and mouse and vole and badger and who knows what else. Olfactory drama. As we climb back up the hill Bob and Sophie leap inelegantly at swarms of butterflies. The butterflies scatter, safely, in all directions. Bob and Sophie don't care about being inelegant. On a sunny morning like this pure happiness makes young dogs feel as light as air. 

Back for a drink from the bee mans bucket. Water from a bucket always tastes better than water from a bowl. The duo then clamber in the back of the car for the next part of the daily routine - the illicit half croissant at the cafe under the arcades. Can it get any better ? At the market Square Bob hurries his sister and his owner along. 

Those daily routines too inconsequential to be written in a diary but too important to a dog owner to go totally unrecorded. That slow cementing of absolute trust. 


  1. Water from a muddy puddle tastes even better.
    Toodlle pip!

  2. Yeah, I agree, nuffin like puddle water.

  3. Early morning, my favourite time of the day. The sunflowers now looking a little sad that their time in the sun will soon be over.
    Drink it all in Bob and Sophie.
    Kisses for those exquisite noses, mud and all.

  4. The beautiful sunflowers welcoming the warmth of the morning sun, enjoyed with 2 devoted companions, a perfect way to start the day!!

  5. Sounds like pure heaven...Bob and Sophie sure know how to appreciate every single day....we could learn a lot from them.

  6. The sheer joy of morning walkies with a dog, best way ever to start the day.

  7. i have stopped commenting every time. but i never ever miss a post of yours.
    and this morning... well... these beloved puppies ...
    you have just captured your life there in your words and the early morning pictures ... just so beautifully ... as you always do ...
    i couldn't leave without thanking you once again for making my own day so delightful just by sharing yours. xo♥

    1. I totally agree!

      Yogi & I read this BLOG EVERY Morning. THANK YOU !

  8. Swarms of butterflies.
    Field of sunflowers.
    A couple of furry, funny dogs.
    You are a most wealthy man.

  9. What a wonderful post! Thanks for sharing their and your adventures!!

  10. Beautiful sunflowers. Thank you for pictures of the town too.

  11. A lovely time of day, the morning hours. The scents of the night still lingering for Bob and Sophie to enjoy.
    The quiet, except for the wine for breakfast set at the cafe, that is. It's Bob and Sophie's world. We just live in it.