Thursday, July 3, 2014

If we all threw our problems in a pile and saw everyone else's. We'd grab ours back.

It's as hot and humid as a summer on a Georgia peach farm. The PON's have a long early morning walk and then a quick trip to the bakers and greengrocers. They get their illicit half croissant from the waitress before heading back home to snooze. In the afternoon they half heartedly chase lizards and go for a paddle in the stream. 

Before dinner it's time to clean and pluck their inner ears. A vital PON owners chore in this hot weather. Sophie is bribed into behaving. Bob does not behave. He has one ear plucked before Angus, exhausted, gives up. 

The builder stops by ( unannounced ) to look at the fallen guttering and the tiles that have shifted on the roof.  He'll get onto the repairs straight away. '' You'll manage to start this week ? " I ask. ' Almost certainly before the end of the month ' comes the reply. Straight away clearly has a different meaning in French.


  1. Will Bob and Sophie be getting a summer haircut to help cope with the heat?

  2. We hope the repairs are before the August holidays.....

    XXXOOO Bella Roxy & Dui--who just had his ears clipped....the fur that is.

  3. Hope da repairs happen sometime dis summer . . .

  4. Your first sentence sums it all up for it's hot and humid as summer on a Georgia peach farm here too.
    For workmen here I think "straight away" may mean the same thing. Maybe "straight away" means they're going straight away and return when they feel like it. My favourite is "tomorrow", and you guessed it, "tomorrow" comes and just can't win. With the many layoffs we have had island wide one would think that the work ethic would improve, but it certainly has not.

  5. The summer heat certainly is miserable for PON's and other breeds alike. Charlie really needs to be groomed, and I'll have to get to that "straight away."

  6. The workmen will remove the tiles and guttering this month and will get on it "strait away" come September. Should be right as rain by All Saints.
    Better luck if they need the €€€ for their holiday.
    The starfish is still semi intact and amusing our duo! Good choice. Maybe time to lay in a few more for these hot summer days.

  7. Hot & loud here I don't like the 4th. because it upsets my dogs.