Monday, July 28, 2014

Non-verbal communication.

Muggy when we set off, even muggier as the day progresses. The low clouds holding in the heat. A large scorpion - all of four inches long - crosses the old roman road in front of us. Sophie is particularly keen to get up close and personal with it. Thank heavens the two of them are on their leads.

We go to the cafe in the little market town on the other side of the valley. Bob and Sophie only get a bowl of water here but there are new faces to see and new scents to follow. Two Dutch families are having breakfast at an outside table. Each of the children is drinking Pepsi from a bottle. The parents drink beer. They ask for cheese with their croissants. The waiter looks at them in that way only French waiters can. Non-verbal communication.

And here's a thought provoking Monday morning piece from Stanford :


  1. Just looking at today's pictures, one can feel the mugginess.
    PS The Stanford article reminds me of one of the curve balls I was thrown in my PhD viva. Has human activity increased or reduced microbial diversity? This also would have implications for human health.

  2. Beer and Pepsi for breakfast makes us shudder.

    That first photo looks like the Sunflowers are craning their stems to catch the sun's rays.

  3. We really haven't been much use to this poor planet.

  4. Thought provoking article indeed, and probably seems like a world away in deepest France profonde.

    Your photos really do show the humidity that looks like it could literally be cut with a knife.

  5. That's an interesting article, and not completely surprising.

    I love the sunflowers in today's pictures! It does look rather humid.

  6. Love the first photo of Bob and Sophie at the edge of the sunflower field....made me smile since in all your previous photos, it looked like the flowers went on and on forever.
    Very profound article., read it with keen interest, and what really stuck out for me was "the increasing of rodents"...dear God do we need anymore?