Saturday, July 5, 2014

The best laid plans .....

It started off happily enough. The village green crowded with avid football fans. Madame Bay an imposing cutlet flipping figure in a red, white and blue turban, The mayors wife in a humorous tricoleur wig. The Old Farmer in his voluminous shorts, black socks, string vest and cowboy hat. Within half an hour the party has become a subdued affair. After much biting of nails France lose 1-0 to Germany. Sensibly,the German billionaires in their chateau on top of the hill, maintain a dignified ( and prudent ) silence.

By eleven the barbecues have been hosed down and packed away. The depressive accordionist and the 'band' with its repertoire of children's favourites do their best to generate a party spirit , but to no avail. It takes more than a chorus of Puff the Magic Dragon to get the villagers feet tapping. The last of the farmers leaves a little after midnight. Before she goes  Madame Bay offers her considered opinion. '' Our boys weren't prepared for that dreadful heat ".

Bob and Sophie are oblivious to the football. They get to taste the lady with the beehive hairdo's '' gourmet burger " . Bob decides this is what he should be eating every day.  He devours it with relish. Sophie, who has slipped into her angel dog routine, clearly concurs.

A little Ingrid Bergman movie clip added with the comment that you can't beat the old ones :


  1. Same here!
    The village bar was a riot of red, white and blue but Germany scored just as the the thunderstorm began.
    The mood was somewhat dampened after that. We drifted home between the heavy showers and there was silence from the village square by 9pm.
    ........glad it didn't dampen the two angels' spirits, or spoil their appetite for a barbecued burger........

  2. Don't think the Pension band could have roused much spirit with Puff the Magic Dragon. Oh well, there's always next World Cup.

    Hopefully, no one wanted to eat, so the PONs will get left overs!

    XXXOOO Bella Roxy & Dui

  3. Glad to hear that Bob and Sophie enjoyed the gourmet burger...I am sure they did their best to cheer you up after the match.

  4. Yes, an unfortunate score. But more burgers for PONs.

    Sophie, resplendent on the table, looks very much the prima.

  5. Wise move by the chateau. Storming crowds are not unheard of.
    Cheering for Belgium now but Argentina's early goal is a bit unsettling .
    Is there anything more delightful than a windswept PON?

  6. Love Your Blog ... read it the start of every single day!!

    Yogi's Mom

  7. It was a shame that France couldn't find their earlier panache. I'm still supporting the cloggies but that was also a very dull match. At least we had Federer to inject some excitement into tv sport.