Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Cats !!!!

The Old Farmer has taken to feeding the local cats. This morning three of them cavort on his doorstep. They seem to know that Sophie can't get to them. Bob watches on silently from his stump seat. Sophie stands and squeals in high pitched frustration. The cats are completely untroubled.

The butchers, the cafe, the newsagents, the greengrocers, the two cheese ladies, the sausage man and the traiteur all closed for their annual August holidays. The town full of visitors with nowhere to spend their money. The fancy bakers remains open. I'm urged me to buy one of their 'new' coffee and praline cakes. This looks light and fluffy. Carrying it to the car it suddenly dawns on me that it remarkably heavy. In fact leaden might be a better description. 

At the local supermarket they have installed a Sushi stand. Two oriental gentlemen in red head bands are doing their best to attract custom. The locals look on with ill disguised suspicion. The inhabitants of deepest France profonde are reticent about the thought of raw fish, especially foreign raw fish.

Who would believe Americans have stopped buying breakfast cereal ? http://time.com/money/3030959/guns-gum-soda-cereal-gluten-sales-drop/?ftcamp=crm/email/2014728/nbe/AlphavilleHongKong/product


  1. Sophie, a cat just arched its back and hissed at me from across the road when I was walking to the park (and on my lead). They really are the pits, aren't they?
    Toodle pip!

  2. If you don't like the cake could you Fedex it over please. Yum, yum.

    There used to be a cat over the road that would wait until our dog was watching and then rollover again and again in front of her just to torment her !
    The dog would go mad and the cat just rolled over some more.

  3. We have those front yard cats across the street. We completely understand Sophie, we yell at them all the time!

  4. I feel your pain Sophie my friend...there are two cats in my neighbourhood that torment me no end. They both sit in the street just outside my gate grooming themselves where they know I can't reach them. I almost caught one over the weekend when it had the audacity to cross my lawn.....ooh what fun!! Love Brownie.
    Angus, where will you get your morning paper now the newsagent is closed for holiday? No illicit croissant for the PON duo during the holidays as well...Sacre Bleu!

  5. The price of cereal has really gone up here, many are nearly $5 (and the boxes are smaller) so we've stopped buying as much because we need the money for gas for our convertible, milk, bread and cat food! :-)

  6. Are Sophie and Bob OKAY with cats?

  7. Cats are quite wonderful little beings if you get to know them. My ginger mancat, Harry, absolutely loves a certain black lab girl. I love all animals and wish people would not promote discord among them.

  8. Another reason Kellogg's cereal sales are down is because there is a boycott of their products by people that are concerned about GMO food products. Tests have confirmed their cereals contain GMO beet sugar, GMO soy, and GMO Bt corn. The corn in particular contains Roundup residue because it is a GMO Roundup ready crop. Thanks to Monsanto just about all the corn is genetically modified in this country. I have read with interest some European countries are banning products from the US that contain GMOs. Personally, I only buy organic from companies I trust.