Tuesday, July 8, 2014

There is no water !

'The font' heads off to London. The Frenchwoman who's renting the flat is unhappy. '' There is no water . How could you rent me a flat without water ? I cannot wash ! " she complains . She then goes on to say that the dishwasher has flooded the kitchen floor. Angus wonders aloud how there can be no water in the bathrooms but too much water in the kitchen. Has she tried turning the shower dial to the 'on' position ? This twin pronged logic is ignored.  'The font' decides that Angus is best not involved in a face to face meeting with the tenant.

No shortage of water here. Around seven thirty the rain stops.  When we get down to the valley it starts again. Strange how that happens. A law of dog ownership. 

The plumbers mend the hole in the irrigation pipe. An hour of digging and soldering and it's good as new. Bob and Sophie take a hands on role in the whole process. I phone the irrigation man to say there's no need for him to come. '' It was the next job on my list " he says. Angus bites his tongue.

As a treat we go to McDonald's. Bob and Sophie share a small tub of ice cream. They are very happy. 

From the noises that float down the hill from the German billionaires chateau during the football match against Brazil we can assume they are also happy. 


  1. Just how close is the billionaire's chateau?

    1. A quarter of a mile and 8 billion € away.

  2. Your French tenant has a nerve - in the days when we rgularly used very "modest" hotels on our tours of France we nearly always had to mend the plumbing before we could use the bathroom.
    So much so that even when packing space was very limited as we toured on our motorcycles, the mini plumbing kit was always a priority! Fixing it ourselves was always quicker and more certain than complaining to the manager!

  3. I am sooooo happy for you that the plumbers were able to come by and fix the irrigation pipe....I know it felt really good to call the irrigation guy and say "Sorry old chap it's been taken care of".....priceless.
    Hope the Font is able to take care of the "no water" situation at the London flat.....tenants can be a bellyache....ask me how I know.

  4. I missed that match - what a result!

  5. The Songwriter feels your pain. As a storm approached last week he took Edward and Apple for a walk. "Don't worry. We'll beat the rain back." You know the rest. As rain pounded outside, I heard the door open and saw three very bedraggled creatures enter. The look on Edward's face spoke volumes about the sagacity of man.

  6. Your tenant seems a bit, sorry for the value judgement, stupid. The font's air fair ..is there not a superintendant or estate agent? I suspect that this is only beginning of these frivolous calls.
    A call ever time " the wonder tenant" can't figure out the basics of the plumbing? Can the potato people be lured back?