Thursday, July 17, 2014

Now and then it's good to pause in our pursuit of happiness and just be happy.

Some unlikely Edinburgh neighbours 
Who'd have thought he was still going strong ? 
 On George Street a shop selling tartan carpets for dog owners. 
The shop assistant says they're Labrador resistant. Would they be PON resistant ?
In my absence Bob has been the diligent guardian of the house.
Home for a long walk along the top of the ridge. Sophie charges through the freshly cut wheat stalks in pursuit of lizards. Bob cavorts along the road beside us. Like all PON boys he's never happier than when his flock is reunited. He's doubly happy when he can wave his large furry paws at the motion detector and open the sliding doors at the arrivals terminal . That magic 'whoosh' does it every time. He's also shared half an oatmeal biscuit with his sister in the airport cafe. It's been an awesome day. 


  1. So the tartans have been lab tested! I wonder what criteria they used. Surely since since Labs were originally bred in Canada, and PON's in Poland using my breed (that was created in Scotland) would have been a far better recommendation. Any carpet, that doesn't show the vast amount I malt, large muddy paw prints or where I take my dog biscuits to eat would be fine for Bob and Sophie, as Bob and Sophie sound like they both have far less cleaning up after the dog issues than I do.

  2. Burt's still going?

    We think the carpets should be PON tested.

  3. Glad you're back to complete the many tartan carpets came home with you?

  4. Please put all these posts together in a book that I can pick up and re-read anytime :)

  5. Love the carpet. Glad you're back safely.