Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Praise the bridge that carried you over.

For Bob and Sophie a day for playing ball and chasing blackbirds . In the afternoon Bob sits on his stump seat watching passing pilgrims and wishing the villagers would barbecue some more sausages.

On the motorway a long convoy of riot police returning to their barracks. They've been out in Toulouse to deal with the rioting after Algeria lost their World Cup match. All the vans have little chimneys on the roof.  Why ?

A lost dog poster on the town hall notice board. It's been put up by the retired couple in the modern house at the edge of the commune.  The dog's been lost for more than a month now.  The fear is that it's been stolen for medical experimentation. An all to frequent occurrence. Not knowing if its alive, kidnapped or ín pain must be awful.

'The font' returns from a committee meeting of the Beautiful Bye Ways Committee. This year the pottery fair will be a one day event. After twelve months of neglect a rather alarming crack now runs down the front of the kiln. The committee don't think this will interfere with it being fired up. 'The font' is less sure.


  1. It's summer, it must be kiln time!

  2. Seeing 'lost' signs like that always leaves me feeling so sad and wishing I could help.
    That poor old kiln has resisted it's existence for a while now.
    Is that a whole tennis ball?!

  3. The saga of the kiln...just goes on and on.

    So sad about the lost dog.

    XXXOOO Bella Roxy & Dui

  4. Oh dear I feel so sorry for the owners of the lost dog...I hope he is returned to them safely.
    Here when dogs "disappear" it's mostly for dog fights (used as bait).... a practice that seems to be hard to stamp out, since it seems to be the in thing these days. These gambling events make the owners of the fighting dogs very rich.
    Please tell the village committee to leave the poor kiln really doesn't need to be fired up. I think it should just sit there and look pretty for everyone to enjoy and remember the past.

  5. So sad about the missing dog, such heartache for the owners.

    Looking forward to this years saga 'Tales of the Kiln'

    Sophie looks lovely and fluffy in the first photo, was she fresh from a bath ?

  6. Last year, wasn't the roof over the kiln
    deemed to be a fire hazard? And now the crack...hope the font's cool logic prevails when it comes to making the final decision to fire the thing. Explosion, injury; not good for pottery sales.
    Very sad about the dog. Lost dogs come to no good end where we live. Cats fare worse. A month is a long time. Bob loves that little stool, doesn't he. Sophie needs one too!

  7. Macdui just balanced his diet with the lizard you recommended. It was about 2 cm long minus the tail). We think he was able to catch the poor thing because it's currently -1°C, too cold for it to move quickly.

    XXXOOO Bella Roxy & a very proud Dui

    1. Well done wee fellow. Now you can graduate onto those mysterious fur covered things found in ditches.

  8. I suggest keeping a fair amount of distance from the kiln that day, just to be on the safe side.

    Very sorry to hear about the dog. We worry about that with the Greyhounds a lot. They are universal blood donors and so docile that they are a big target for that sort of thing, unfortunately.