Monday, July 14, 2014

Siblings by birth. Friends by choice.

The Old Farmer has returned from Belarus with a cast iron spitoon. This has been cleaned up and pressed into service as a plant pot.  '' It's quite something. You don't see many of those about ! " he says jovially.  Angus can honestly concur with both statements.

Bob and Sophie watch the Old Farmer cleaning out his gutters. As to whether it's a good idea for an 84 year to be on top of a ladder in the afternoon heat with a broom in one hand and a brush in the other is a matter of discussion. 

After the Old Farmer is back on the ground and the ladder put away the PON duo get on with what's important - chasing blackbirds ( ineptly ) and enjoying life. They are having a wonderful July 14th. They also had a wonderful July 13th... and 12th... and....


  1. Happy Bastille Day....hope it's quiet. That spittoon is interesting...very fancy. Russian perhaps?

  2. A 60 year old patient in the office where I work had a fatal fall off a ladder a couple of weeks ago; so I agree that some jobs are best left to someone else. However convincing someone like the Old Farmer of that is nearly impossible.

    Happy Bastille Day to all in deepest France profonde!

  3. Happy Bastille Day to all of you, I know Bob and Sophie will enjoy the day to the fullest.
    I think the spitoon makes a wonderful plant pot, and with some pretty flowers planted, it will be "quite something."
    I hope when I'm 84 I call still climb a ladder to go on top of my roof to check for leaks.....three cheers for the Old Farmer!

  4. An July 15th will be even better .......

  5. Oh dear, the stubborn old man up a ladder scenario, all too familiar from my father's later years. Do try to keep him safe. Which may be impossible.
    Cheers, Gail.

  6. The Old Farmer reminds me of when I was trying to telephone my then 89 year old grandmother and I called and called with no answer. Getting a bit panicked, I tried one more time. She answered, out of breath and I asked where she had been. "Up on the roof shingling" was her response. I sure do miss her! May all the days for the PONs be just as happy. Happy Bastille Day! Our house is currently under the Tour de France spell....

  7. I do like the sign that says pay attention to the dog! :)

  8. I would have fallen off of the ladder at age 16.
    The old farmer is living life exactly on his own terms. I suspect he'd tolerate no other way.