Saturday, July 19, 2014

Life does not have to be perfect to be wonderful.

110 degrees and 100 kilometre an hour winds. The combine harvesters hard at work bringing in the crop. Chaff and dust drifting on the air. Bob is up early to bark at the farm machinery rumbling along the lane. Tractors with 'squeaky' trailers a particular source of irritation. Sophie, sensibly, continues her beauty sleep. 

In a couple of weeks time ' Planet of the Apes ' comes to the cinema in the little market town. '' It's very intellectual " says the lady at the ticket booth. 

Across the lane The Old Farmers Christmas star glows brilliantly away. He's been doing some rewiring of his 'informal' link to the salle des fetes electricity supply . He's now encountering difficulties with turning the star ( and the garland of multi-coloured lights that adorn his gutters ) off. A Texan house guests asks if the village is always this festive. 


  1. Oh well....Christmas will be here soon.

    1. Unless you live in a place where it never goes away .....

  2. That's not weather, Angus, that's a convection oven! We will have days over 110 during our summers but not with those extreme winds. And with your humidity, simply unimaginable!
    How did you ever manage to keep Bob and Sophie comfortable?

  3. While visiting a friends home last week, an ice cream truck drove by playing Christmas music. I guess the man driving the truck was feeling "festive" too.

  4. With that weather I'd be wishing I'd stayed in Scotland a wee while longer.
    Cheers, Gail.

  5. Perhaps the glowing star is an attempt to remind you of cooler days. Does hijacked electricity make the star shine more brightly?
    We've had our own heatwave here in Vancouver but not the temperatures you've had nor the wind. Last night it began cooling and then some rain and at a dinner party we ran to the window when we heard the first drops. Is that rain? Welcoming its return.
    Vancouver Barbara

  6. good grief!!! those are death valley temperatures ongoose! makes me not complain about our own merely 100. our summer so far not so bad.
    bless the old farmer. guess the heat finally got to him and he decided not to add to it with his landing lights called a star? XO

  7. I love The Old Farmer....he's always up to something, and with him around, the village will be forever festive.

  8. I expect you'll be watching Planet Singes then...