Monday, July 21, 2014

Before the croissant.

The  heat finally goes. It's replaced by scudding clouds and spots of rain that never quite turn into a shower. We sit outside late into the night with two cool and contented furry beasts snoring at our feet.

This morning the sausage man at the market lets the PON's try a slice of sausage with herbs. It's rather too early in the day for their owner to be eating charcuterie.  Bobs tail wags at metronome speed. On a scale of one to ten sausage scores an eleven; possibly a twelve. He gives the sausage man his best '' Why don't you and your sausages come to live with us ? " look.

The biscuit lady kneels down and slips each of them a small piece of flaky orange biscuit. We end up buying two hundred grammes. Sophie makes a sound that makes it absolutely clear that orange flavoured biscuits rank way up there with sausage in life's panoply of delights.

All of this before they get to the illicit half croissant at the cafe under the arcades.  


  1. Seeing those photos, Bertie is giving me his best "can I go and live with Bob and Sophie?" look.
    Cheers! Gail.

  2. Lovely first photo. Those sunflowers seem to go on as far as the horizon.
    Julia in a hot Naples Fl.

  3. PON paradise and young, robust digestive systems!
    Merlin is feeling hard done by.
    Have a great day.

  4. Now you've done it; food, food and more food . . . this is a yellow Labs Dream!!
    Yogi wants to get a passport, so he can come over for a visit. Ha

    Yogi's Mom

  5. Make up an extra dog bed, the terror--oops terrier, is coming to live. I found the laptop opened to Air France website.
    Save some biscuits and sausages...
    Will he be able to see any bikers ??

  6. The stuff that dreams are made of!

  7. Brownie is quite jealous of all these delicious tit bits that Bob and Sophie are enjoying.....any room for another dog from Barbados at the ROF?

  8. The perfect PON morning.

    What do things look better in baskets?