Monday, December 1, 2014

A damning look.

To the garden centre for Greenies. Cut into seven or eight slices a Greenie can keep Bob quiet for twenty minutes. At the rugby stadium he settles down on the bleacher next to me, head on my knee. That imploring ' could I just have some now ? ' look. His tail wags like  a metronome on steroids. The thwack-thwack-thwack loud enough to make the father and son two rows ahead of us turn round to see what the noise is. At half time the young Sapeur Pompier and the Gendarme from St.Etienne with a neck thicker than his head come over to say hello. Bobs tail goes again. 

The garden centre is selling centenaire olive trees. Bob carefully christens them while I check the price. €2,370. There must be sixty of the things. Who buys them ?

Sophie has stayed at home to learn Mandarin. On our return she smells her brothers breath then gives me a withering look. '' You've been having treats while I've been slaving away ! ". 

This is an ad for a British supermarket chain portraying the Christmas 1914 'football' truce. Some think it's tasteless . Others think it sums up the spirit of the season . Are you a nay or a yea ? :


  1. Sorry to be a spoil sport ANGUS: Greenies are very very dangerous for dogs. Especially if you are slicing them into smaller pieces. They do not
    digest, and they can easily get stuck in the dogs' esophagus or intestine, cause seizures, even death in many documented cases. We found out the hard way. As did our friends. Look it up - "are Greenies dangerous for dogs?" And here is one article to get you started. They simply are not good, and very dangerous.

  2. Can't wait to hear Sophie's Mandarin!

  3. There's a children's book about that WWI Christmas.....before the soldiers were taught to view their enemies as non humans....

    SHE used to have a scottie who always smelt the cat's breath each morning to see if it had had any treats. You'll have to tape a Mandarin bark with a Polish/French accent.

  4. I find the ad schmalzy (which did not stop me tearing up), but not offensive, The death of 6 million young men was offensive.

    And by 6 million, I mean Brits. I was in France on Remebrance Day and went to an exhibition in our local hall which celebrated the martyred dead from all the local communes. It was very well done, with a fillum and a'thing. But there was one display on the numbers of dead per country, and I, who thought I knew a thing or two, was gobsmacked.

  5. I'm not sure about the ad but, like Bertie, can't wait to hear Sophie's Mandarin!

  6. I agree, a generation of young men killed was offensive. The creatives, doing the best they can with their brief. The supermarket, taking advantage; nothing new.
    I was going to buy Stuart an olive tree for his christmas. Might be somewhat smaller than the one's in your local garden centre.
    I have never heard of a greenie!
    Have a great day.

  7. I liked the ad!
    Dr. Mercola has healthy dental chews.

  8. Ni hao, Sophie!
    Agreed on the greenies, not good. But their marketing is.

  9. I know there are incidents involving greenies and lots of negative articles about them. But we have given our Jake and Just Harry greenies for years and years without any incidents. I don't think I would slice them though as your Bob and Sophie may ingest the pieces too quickly.

    As for the ad: I guess I;m a sucker, but it made me cry. So I'm a yea.

  10. I think the ad recalls that it's our human nature to want to just have fun. It's politicians and heads of state that cause wars that young men must fight. I firmly agree with the suggestion that the old men who want war should fight it. If they did, many horrors would be avoided. I think world war 1 was to be the last war.

  11. I am horrified to read about the boy Brownie loves them....he had one up to yesterday....guess I should look around for something else to keep his teeth clean and freshen his breath.
    I liked the ad, so I'm a Yea!

  12. Gosh, I fail to see anything offensive about the ad; it's good for us to remember that our "enemies" are human, too, and that under other circumstances, we could perhaps be friends.

  13. You don't have to buy the product to enjoy the ad and the message. Peace.

  14. The older Greenies were the problem. When they were swallowed in pieces, not being chewed thoroughly, they could cause obstructions. The newer ones disolve more easily. My vet believes in brushing. Clients can use them if they wish. I was at the vet's today. My cat is sick and I am distraught.
    It's a yea here. If the Royal British Legion finds it acceptable who are we, who have not engaged in war, to criticize.

    1. Hi Kari, I hope your cat gets the best care at the vet and that your baby will be back feeling 100 percent gain.

  15. P.S. I'd love one of those very old olive trees if it were possible for me to afford. It's sad to think of these fine old trees uprooted and sent a garden center .

  16. I recall a full length film on this order but not the name, too late to look it up. I am a yea too.

    Jo, Stella and Zkhat