Sunday, December 21, 2014

Spreading a little Christmas cheer.

The Christmas decorations go up on the village green. Last year they were underwhelming. This year they're worse. Someone has taken the idea of spreading a little Christmas cheer quite literally.

Bob and Sophie are not entirely daft. They understand that if they sit on the wooden table they have an excellent vantage point from which to observe Angus while simultaneously keeping their undercarriages dry. 

This article about the Three Kings from the Christmas edition of The Economist was one of the most enjoyable things I've read all year. The last paragraph a joy -  " For three encompasses everything: past,present,future; here, there, everywhere; earth,sea and air; positive,negative , neutral; this, that and the other. Through these trinities the kings, who might be any Tom ,Dick or Harry, wander is search of answers ( yes,no,maybe ) to mysteries even older than that of Father,Son and Holy Ghost : the birth of light, the dawn of life and the primacy of love ". 

A good five minute read last thing at night.


  1. Trying to decide whether they would have done better not to bother at all with decorating the village green. But on the whole I think even a small effort is better than none!
    Cheers, Gail.
    PS Since when was staying clean and dry a priority with the PON pair?

  2. Spreading "a little Christmas cheer" is far better than spreading none at all...gotta give it to the decorator for trying...that always gets points in my book......I presume the phone booth is looking festive as well....
    Bob and Sophie are the smartest PON's I know.
    I thoroughly enjoyed reading the article, I learned quite a bit and the historical references and details were quite enlightening.
    Have a Happy Sunday!

  3. The Christmas decorations....first thought, why bother....
    Scotties don't seem to worry about their undercarriages...just don't like water on their backs.

  4. Those decorations are rather frugal aren't they. I look forward to reading the article.
    Oh for a clean PON undercarriage....

  5. i am sorry... but i had a good laugh over the decorations. Perhaps less is more?

  6. After seeing some of the gaudy displays hereabouts, and hearing stories of people whose houses are consumed with glitter and planning year-round, I rather like the understated approach. Easy to install, easy to take down. No big electric bill. Thanks for the article link.

  7. Understated for sure. Enjoted the article. Do the three bears fit in somehow???

  8. I agree about the decorations, even my small town with its one decorated tree looks festive.