Monday, December 8, 2014


On our morning walk we see the Very Old Farmer standing at his kitchen window. He waves us over. Bob and Sophie wander into the kitchen and get stroked. Bob is told how handsome he is. Sophie, oblivious to compliments when there's food about, ferrets for something under a chair. The VOF chats away to them. The delight the old have in the company of dogs. '' Take a look at this M'Ongoose ". He rolls up his sleeves. A mass of needle marks. The district nurse comes at eight thirty every morning and again at four thirty in the afternoon to give him an injection. He's worried she'll run out places to put the needle. I tell him not to worry. 

The cakes in the bakers have taken on a seasonal cheerfulness. The red, yellow and chocolate powdered ones are miniature Noel Logs. You can try them before ordering a larger version for Christmas lunch. How practical. The angelic duo ( or so they would appear when they venture into the bakers ) each get given a small piece of baguette. 

A bright but wintry start to our Monday morning in deepest France profonde. 


  1. Good to hear that the Very Old Farmer is still hanging in there....even if he is a pin cushion.

  2. So pleased you all went to visit the Very Old Farmer. I'm sure Bob and Sophie helped him forget about all the needles for a while.

  3. The Very Old Farmer is a real trooper....reminds me of a war vet showing off his old wounds and scars with glad to hear he's doing okay.
    I definitely agree with him....Bob is indeed quite handsome.

  4. So nice to hear of the VOF. I would not be able to resist the tomato cakes. Beautiful.

  5. Also glad to hear that the VOF is doing well enough to be up and about, even with the pincushion effect.

    Once in the door, I'd never be able to get out of the baker's. Too many gorgeous choices.

  6. Poor VOF - a pincushion to say the least!! A necessary evil unfortunately. I keep him in my prayers. Those raspberry tarts look divine.

  7. Wish we all could stay in good health with no pain.

  8. THinking of the VOF. I hope he will do well over the holidays. The pastries are torture, I say, Torture!!

  9. When I had a Rough Collie a few years ago, we did visitation to nursing homes and hospitals. The stories she opened up from the residents were wonderful. Good HANDSOME dog, Bob. And Sophie, you keep the VOF's floor clean :).

  10. I bet one of those beautiful cakes would help the old farmer forget his injured arms, if only for a moment.
    You could tell him the baker sold you one too many.
    The elderly often forget little treats for themselves.

    As my mum' Alzheimer's progressed she became essentially nonverbal. Yet when I would wheel her in a local pet supply shop she would always speak a few words to a dear little Jack Russell named
    Princess. Seeind the little dog, and only that dog, was the last thing that could elicit any type of verbalization from her. The dog would get very close to mum and look into mum's eyes. It's like the dog knew. Most amazing.

    1. Hi Kari, I went over to your profile to send you an email but didn't find one.
      I was wondering how your cat is doing...hope your baby is much better.
      Sorry to hijack your comments Angus, but hurt animals pull at my heartstrings.