Wednesday, December 10, 2014

A pinch of God.

Bob demonstrates how to deal with a cashmere pullover that has been left carelessly at PON height.

Sophie looks on. She'd like us to believe that her brothers an oaf. In reality she's working out how to wean the pullover ( or what's left of it ) away from him.

You can tell when a poet is a dog lover. 

The old woman, the tulip and the dog

Alicia Ostriker

To be blessed
said the old woman
is to live and work
so hard
God’s love
washes right through you
like milk through a cow

To be blessed
said the dark red tulip
is to knock their eyes out
with the slug of lust
implied by
your up-ended skirt

To be blessed
said the dog
is to have a pinch
of God
inside you
and all the other
dogs can smell it.

And finally for Labrador owners everywhere :


WFT Nobby said...

Oh Bob aren't cashmere pullovers just the best! I still dream about the time when I had the opportunity to add ventilation to Gail's favourite one…
I must say you did an exceptionally through job on that nice cherry red number today. Well I guess if if humans live in a warmer part of the world like the South of France, then they will appreciate the excess of air flaps. No?
Toodle pip!
Bertie (who has a pinch of the devil inside him…)

Bella Roxy & Macdui said...

Another contribution from Angus' wardrobe?

VirginiaC said...

Bob is truly delighted with his find and I don't think I've ever seen him so happy.....I must say that red cashmere suits him beautifully.
Loved the poem, and if I had to be honest, I think my boy may have a few pinches of God in him.
As for the smart yellow lab, I had seen a shorter version of the video and it made me laugh, so thanks for linking the full version...I think the family needs to go shopping

Julie said...

It looks like Bob's wearing a tie in the first photo, very festive Bob!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Angus for the yellow lab video ... Yogi is so proud of his cousin for his ingenious raid!

Great chuckle to start my day.

Yogi & Mom

Emm said...

What a very seasonal color choice, Bob. Well done.

Now the humans know what to give Angus for a Christmas present.

Jake of Florida said...

Nothing but the best for said PON!!! The lab video reminded me of Marley and Me. I do wonder though if someone taught the lab how to open the freezer, or if he just picked it up by watchng. We have a friend who taught his dog to open the fridge and bring him a beer. But then regretted it.