Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Feigned deafness.

The minimalist Japanese Christmas trees from Muji turn out to be the sort of things you need a PhD in Origami to put together. Exasperating.

Bob has one very long white  hair that sticks out from the side of his muzzle. It is a miracle hair that survives all attempts to trim it.

The chocolatier has a new line in blended white chocolate and toffee. Forty years ago this, or something similar, used to be sold as Caramac. White chocolate and toffee is a high sucrose product. This may explain it's disappearance. 

Bob and Sophie spend their day racing round the garden. When you're nearly two years old every day is Christmas. Before dinner Sophie heads into the orchard with Bobs 'tennis ball in a sock' toy. Bob howls. Sophie feigns deafness. 


  1. Oh, she hears all right....that's part of the fun!

  2. There's none so deaf as a dog that doesn't want to hear !

  3. Red Rover, Red Rover, send that white chocolate and toffee right over!!!
    Okay I'm with Bob, his sister is really taking advantage of the poor chap....Angus two socks and two balls please.
    Hope you get the Japanese Christmas origami tree put together without pulling your hair out...tee hee.

  4. Bob should get an extra bit of illicit croissant as a sympathy treat for his sister's behavior. Love that long white hair, and the glimpse of one shiny bright eye!

  5. Caramac - wonderful stuff.
    Now you mention it I had forgotten all about it and haven't had a bar in decades. Now I need one. Now!

  6. Love that word "Onctueux".
    Vancouver Barbara

  7. Mmmm. Like Jean, I'd forgotten about Caramac. I need one too!
    Cheers, Gail.

  8. In our house, we call it "selective hearing". Sophie is adorable, but oh such a brat.

    Good luck with the origami tree.

    1. And to think we were worried that she might be 'shy'.

  9. "It is a miracle hair that survives all attempts to trim it."....
    NO! It is a sensor that tells when a human is nearby and when to behave like a dog...
    and it also communicates with the "mothership"...
    it gets retracted when trimming occurs!
    All cats and dogs are from another planet...
    we are but their slaves...
    ask Jean!
    Lulu is most sophisticated...
    but she gets the sofa...
    well, most of it!!
    Now, cats await their servant as it ias almost half-past supper!