Monday, December 22, 2014

Impatiently waiting...

Sophie stands looking out of the back of the car impatiently waiting to get her day started. Closer examination shows that even though it's not yet eight o'clock she's already suffering from a bad hair day.

After the illicit half croissant we go to the morning market. Today there is a man selling hens. The PON duo are very interested in these new arrivals. Bob is 'encouraged' along. Sophie has to be dragged away. She protests.

Another carol service. The church has a ferocious heating system. Wonders never cease ! Gas rings set into the chandeliers.Within twenty minutes the chill has gone, replaced by what might best be described as a lobster broiling heat where gas flames meet damp air. The church is supposed to be twelfth century but has been painted by the Cecil B DeMille school of restoration.

At the cafe across from the church they're serving a wine called Chateau Le Crock. This causes much hilarity. Bob and Sophie are given some chicken and rice (" My dog's having some so I'll make some for your two " says the cafe owner ). The PON's people watch then fall asleep under the table. The French are very civilized when it comes to dealing with our canine friends.


  1. Went to a lesser known winery near Sydney where they had a bin of bottles of wine just called 'new batch'. Old Crock might be a step up.

  2. Sophie's bad hair day could, in truth, be spotted from some distance away!

  3. A restaurant that serves chicken and rice to dogs? Leah's on her way!

  4. The bright and cheery church would give a hindu temple a run for it's money.
    Never mind about the bad hair day Sophie; that nose more than makes up for it.

  5. Weren't those churches originally painted with bright colors? I've always so assumed, and that what we see today is the faded remnants. It would certainly get the attention of the audience, I should think.

  6. Are you sure Sophie is waiting to get her day started? That smart girl looks as if she's already had a great day romping and having fun, thus the bad hair.
    That's very nice of the cafe owner to offer the PON duo rice and chicken lunches, Brownie is quite jealous.
    What a load of Crock....enjoy.

  7. Sophie looks adorable with her tousled hair. Quite charming. A PON version of the popular hair styling of the last Paris Haute Couture week.
    Chateau Le it?

  8. I think they were going for the Hampton Court Chapel Royal ceiling, but veered from the plan a bit.
    You are so right. The French are indeed civilized about dogs. Would that America could learn.