Wednesday, December 17, 2014

It's going to get interesting.

We brake to avoid a herd of deer that charges across the road in front of us. Their super abundance this year must be due to the mild winter. Sophie stands in the back of the car and howls in frustration. '' I could have got them ". Wishful thinking is not only a human trait.

Bob helps in the garden. Help in this sense means sitting and looking at me. That '' I know it's going to get interesting in a minute " look etched on his face. He can sit like this for hours. 

There are swarms of bees on the hellebores. The PON's try to catch them in their mouths. Coordination is not a PON forte. Their mouths snap at thin air. This is frustrating for the PON's but highly amusing to any onlookers. The bees are quite unconcerned.

The minimalist Japanese Christmas trees starting to make an appearance round the house. Three of them assembled. Another six to go.


  1. Hope the bees aren't the stinging kind....

  2. I'm impressed with the trees!
    Bee chasing is something our previous paws indulged in. She even brought one in, caught up in a fluffy ear, which when released chose to sting Dad and not her !

  3. Wishful thinking about the deer? No No No Angus! Totally realistic. Sophie will show you one day.
    And by the way, deer chasing is an excellent way of burning calories and toning the muscles. Did anyone suggest that yesterday?
    Toodle pip!

  4. Bob looks like The Wise Old Man while sitting still and pondering his next move.
    I was wondering how you were making out with the origami're doing great!!

  5. As food motivated as Bob and Sophie are, I would have thought their eye-mouth-coordination would be an art--Or is this skill only used for a tasty morsel?

  6. Those trees are quite charming. Congratulations on mastering the assembly.

    Am so envious of your miles of beautiful bookshelves. ::sigh::

  7. I guess I missed where you actually purchased the Japanese trees rather than just expressing your bemusement at their appearing on the shelves in France profonde. The font at work, I suspect? Regardless, they are interesting. Will all nine be arrayed together or will they be in different places as a surprise to guests?