Tuesday, December 23, 2014

The food wasn't good.

A chilly start to the day. The sky a frosty chalky blue. Outside The Rickety Old Farmhouse the beep of an asthmatic horn followed by the crashing of gears tells us that Madame Bay has returned from the retired gendarmes Christmas trip to Madrid. '' The food wasn't good " her somewhat curt take on the Spanish capital. 

Madame Bay has been shopping. Blue plus fours, an almost matching smock and perched above it all a jello green coloured beret speckled with glass beads . Bob quickly heads upstairs before he can be caught in a Lily of the Valley scented hug.

Bob rejoins us  in time for lunch. Afterwards he and his sister play 'let's savage each other' for half an hour in the orchard. Miss Sophie makes it abundantly clear when she's had enough and wants to go in.

The hectic run-up to Christmas in deepest France profonde.

Here's a happy, if unusual, Christmas video from a part of the world where good news seems to be rare : http://video.ft.com/3957010699001/Bagpipers-bring-festive-feel-to-Jerusalem/World??ftcamp=crm/email/_DATEYEARFULLNUM___DATEMONTHNUM___DATEDAYNUM__/nbe/FirstFTEurope/product


  1. 'Let's savage each other'....always a fantastic pass time.

  2. A cameo appearance from Madame Bay. A must for the festive season!

  3. I recognise that 'I WANT in!" stance, but sometimes with Leah its a "I WANT attention' and she'll run away as soon as you open the door in the hope you will go out and play (possibly the savage game?) with her.

  4. My Bloodhound, Ellie Mae aka Big Momma, doesn't let the younger dogs "savage" one another. I tell her they are just playing but, she turns a deaf ear. Video quite enlightening. Makes me wish I were there for Xmas Eve!

  5. Madame Bay is back....she will continue to check in with the Very Old Farmer, I presume....hope he's getting better every day.
    Angus I have no idea where you get these incredible and enlightening videos from, but thanks for posting this one....my eyes have been opened to another side of Jerusalem, somehow I never imagined that there would be a scout troop there, and playing bagpipes no less.

  6. No Sinéad O'Connor haircut on this trip for Madame Bay? I suppose that's best saved for a trip to "Minitin."