Thursday, December 18, 2014

A small Christmas miracle.

On the front page of the local newspaper a story about a local woman who's dog was kidnapped three months ago. The dog was called Snowy but the kidnappers dyed it black so that it couldn't be traced. Despite the difference in colour someone recognized the face on a stolen dog website and alerted the police. A small Christmas miracle.  

The Christmas market under the arcades. The stall owners posture says it all. Maybe trade will pick up next week.

The angelic duo work with me in the garden. They are in one of their '' what can we do to help ? " moods. Bob co-joined to my left leg. Sophie to my right. There's something about Bob's seriousness that makes me laugh out loud.

The incident with the stray horses and the Christmas creche provides an opportunity to raise the Belgian lady's encroachment problem.  The mayor and the deputy mayor have been told that their idea of fencing off a small area of the horse farmers land as a car park is a wonderful idea. '' Brilliant ! You must have worked at the Quai d'Orsai ". The fact that it's not their idea neither here nor there. If you tell people often enough that they're geniuses they'll sooner or later believe it. Here's hoping it's sooner. There is a council meeting tomorrow night.


Bella Roxy & Macdui said...

Bob makes us laugh, too.

Anonymous said...

After reading your newspaper story about the kidnapped dog………and having read (with great alarm!) BERTIE's story on his blog from Sunday
December 14 (the most mean-spirited heartless story ever) - we must all hold very tight to our beloved canines. There are a lot of very mean-
intended people out there. On the bright side - the ANGELS seemed to have been in perfect 'Christmas Is Coming' manners today.

WFT Nobby said...

WIth all the bad news around the world just now, I'm holding on to an image of Bob and Sophie and their owner happily working as a team in the garden in a quiet and idyllic (give or take to odd village dispute) corner of SW France.
Cheers, Gail.

WFT Nobby said...

PS The dog thief must have read The Good Soldier Svejk

Angus said...

The canine antidote to a world of hostage taking and massacres.

VirginiaC said...

I am happy that Neige has been reunited with his owner...what a horrible three months that must have been for her. To think that the kidnappers would actually dye the poor dog black to escape him being found....who does this? I hope Neige is okay and won't suffer any after effects of the dye chemicals. Kudos to the someone who recognised him despite the colour change. I wish I could get my hands on those kidnappers and give them a piece of their own cruelty.
Thanks for this Wonderful Christmas Miracle story today Angus, it gladdened my heart.
I understand all to well about having the angels co-joined to your legs. It's amazing how I don't step on my Brownie with him underfoot sometimes.

Sheila said...

Actually, I think the car park idea is Bob's. Trust you and he will be
attending tonight's meeting. Keep us posted.

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

Unfortunately as we all know, dogs are taken all too often and never are seen again. How wonderful that that this didn't happen this time. A reminder to all dog owners to never give up.

I hope the sales pick up at the Christmas market so the stall owners can have a merrier Christmas.

Emm said...

I, too, was prompted to read Bertie's Sunday entry. Horrifying. Be *very* careful about who you hire as dogsitters.

Enjoying the mental picture of Angus trying to garden while attached to Velcro PONs. And I do hope the parking situation is resolved so that both the Belgian lady and the horse farm people are happy.

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Bob and Edward share many things.
Including gardening styles.
Serious business.

MrsDuncanMahogany said...

Who dyes an animal another color? Good grief. Love the nose pic! Fingers crossed the situation gets sorted for the Belgian lady.

houndstooth said...

Wow! Somebody went to a lot of trouble to steal a dog. It amazes me when there are so many waiting for homes.

I predict an entertaining council meeting!

Angus said...

Dog kidnapping is a big thing here. Some are kidannped for ransom ( dogs belonging to little old ladies make prime targets ) or for unscrupulous medical laboratories. The travelling folk tend to get the blame but that seems rather a trite way of apportioning the blame.
Can't imagine what it must be like to have a dog kidnapped and not know whether it's suffering, being maltreated or has been sold.