Thursday, August 27, 2015

A drunken cicada.

One of those late summer mornings when the sky is an impossible blue and the lazy heat builds up and lingers.

On our way to the bakers we pass a number of open doors. They hint, invitingly, of brewing coffee and jam and croissants. The duo are keen to explore but are 'encouraged' along . Not everyone would be keen to have enthusiastic PONs join them for breakfast.

On our way home a quick sprint through the sunflower fields. The farmers have just started harvesting them; a sure sign that the year is about to turn a page. By the waterfall we startle a late returning Nightjar which rises into the air and then circles over us making a long trilling song like a drunken cicada. I stand and stare at this rare sight, Bob and Sophie are too busy following scents to notice.

Mid-morning, The Old Farmer heads off again. He has packed a two wheeled trailer with wine, a collection of foam pillows and enough Toulouse sausage to feed an army. 'The Font' thinks that his lady friend from Paris may be joining him on the delayed excursion across the Napoleonic battlefields of Europe.

Would you let  your dog travel on this ? :


  1. We would welcome the PONs for breakfast, but we don't have croissants....sigh.

    Bella and Dui are both experienced Cargo dogs.

  2. My first thought when you mentioned that the curtains in the motor home had been
    replaced was that the Old Farmer might be having feminine company on his trip.

    Wonder if he is "smuggling" that sausage into Belarus. Hope it doesn't all end up
    under the blade of some bulldozer.

    1. Nothing like fresh lace curtains to make a lady happy !

  3. Replies
    1. An ancient motor home, an ex-US Army two wheeled trailer full of wine and sausages - what more romantic backdrop could there be ?

  4. Your question re/ dog travel is one I ask myself frequently. Bailey Bob has food allergies. When we leave him with someone or even at our vet, we come home to a sick dog. Recovery time is around three months. In May we drove from Georgia to the Grand Canyon ( our hole in the ground tour) with Bailey Bob. We were gone a month, and on the road most of the time. Bailey handled the trip better than I did! But would it have been better for everyone, to fly? I can't bring myself to put him in cargo after all the horror stories I have heard. So maybe for an extended trip, this new option would be the way to travel? What do you think?