Monday, August 17, 2015


The night of cinema en plein air. A comedy about a sophisticated Parisian who is sent to run a branch of his company in rural France, loathes it, then in the closing moments discovers that there is nowhere better on earth than being among good God fearing country folk. As with all movies of this genre there is the scene where the snooty wife finds the cleaning lady making tripe in the kitchen and storing turkey gizzards in the pantry, the teenage daughter falls in love with the neighbours handsome but unsophisticated and therefore unsuitable son and the parish priest is forever calling in search of funds for the church roof and 'accepting' a glass or two of  the Parisians best champagne. There is also much gratuitous passing of wind.

The villagers ignore the action on the screen and gossip, argue, cook sausages and imbibe. The French teachers Labrador's snore away, the Jack Russell's run riot, errant three year olds create havoc, the screen blows over in the breeze and the reel of film breaks - twice. A great time is had by all - including Bob and Sophie.

At 1:03 am The Old Farmers ancient motor home rattles into life ( waking Bob and Sophie ) and he heads off on his journey to Vilnius via Strasbourg, Berlin and Warsaw. 


On our morning walk we find a lady setting up  display of artisinal hats. We think of asking if we can take a picture but we always get shouted at by hat ladies. Instead we take a surreptitious photo while her back is turned. We notice she's wearing a lilac linen tie dyed coat with pink trimmings.

Bob and Sophie are moved quickly past the Moroccan bag ladies and their wares. This is to ensure that Bob isn't tempted to christen them. At the bakers we collect a tray of pastries. Tonight the American Eurail boys retrace their steps homewards ahead of the new semester. In readiness 'The Font' cooks a kilo of bolognaise sauce. Bob and Sophie refuse to move from the kitchen.

And finally this video of a mad bulldog which is interesting on so many different levels , not least for the running commentary:


  1. It sounds as though the antics of the audience would make a funnier film than the one showing ! Cooking sausages indeed, and imbibing !
    The Old Farmer is truly amazing to contemplate such a trip, and we hope that he and the venerable old motor home make it there and back safely.
    Oh ! those cakes - the Eurorail boys won't want to leave if you're feeding them such delicacies. We hope that they are the sort to drop the odd sliver or two.....

  2. The whole cinema experience seems just that "an experience". Still good fun appears to have been had by all. Bob and Sophie are of course looking forward toe the visit of the Eurorail lads and hoping obviously for this to be a regular occurrence, if PON ESP has any influence.

  3. Those hats look like they'd be fun to wear...

  4. The film night sounds like a wonderful evening!

  5. May there be much fun had by all tonight with the American Eurail boys !!!