Saturday, August 29, 2015

One of those days.

On our way home from the morning walk we find the The Very Old Farmer by his front gate. The district nurse has parked him there while the cleaning lady makes his bed and prepares lunch. His voice is now thin and high pitched but he greets the PONs like long lost friends. Bobs hair is stroked. Sophie remains steadfastly aloof but bustles into the kitchen in search of food or mischief. This causes much laughter although the cleaning lady is less amused. We stay until the district nurse decides it's time for his nap.

After this excitement Sophie opts to spend her day on the cool kitchen floor.

Bob takes up his hot weather position. Nose outside. Rump inside in the cool.

August. That strange month when the English come to France and the French disappear. The neighbouring village completely deserted. It's as if a neutron bomb had hit it. Even the cats are hiding from the heat.

Over the valley a few clouds make an appearance. By lunchtime they''re gone. The heat builds and builds.

One of those 'too hot to do anything' days in deepest,deepest France profonde.


  1. Good to hear about the very old farmer.

  2. Replies
    1. If they've been working on The Rickety Old Farmhouse they stay in a suite in a 5 star hotel on St.Barts.

  3. Absolutely marvellous about the very Old Farmer. The PONS would have made his day I feel sure. Well done Bob and Sophie

  4. Good to know that the Very Old Farmer is still able to "take the air" and enjoy the company of Mr Affable and yourself. Shame on Sophie remaining aloof.
    Apparently many French people head south to Spain, where a dozen or more will stay in a villa meant for four !!

  5. We're having days like that as well, but our mornings definitely have a feeling of fall to them.

  6. What a nice treat for the Very Old Farmer to have a lovely visit from his neighbor and the PON's. As long as he's able, why not take in the lovely view! We are under heat and haze from the forest fires from the west. Its been an eerie summer with the haze. Reminds me of when Mount St. Helen's exploded in 1980. I was a tender age but remember the eerie-ness then. I for one am cheering on the cooler temperatures so human and furry friends alike can be more comfortable.

  7. Love the first photo.

  8. Speaking of cleaning ladies, what's happening at the ROF? Glad the Very Old Farmer was able to have an PON moment with Bob.

  9. Glad to know the old farmer is being cared for. The body may be failing but the spirit is strong. A visit from an animal provides extra joy because there are no questions asked or explanations needed. Bob is good medicine. Thanks for the update.
    Your first photo today is beautiful. It could easily be a painting. Landseer maybe?