Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Halcyon days.

All is well with the world. I get up , start to open the shutters and am immediately joined by two eager observers. 

A wet nose presses against my leg just in case I'm unaware of her arrival.

Now that we're all up and about Bob wonders if this might be a good time to do some rug surfing. Angus suggests that a quick trip outside might be a wiser or certainly more prudent alternative. Sophie lets out her trademark high pitched double yelp as she races out of the front door. This morning there are squirrels, blackbirds and a large white cat to be chased. Furry fox is rescued.

It's barely six thirty but can a day get any better ?

Those little routines with dogs too unimportant to warrant being recorded in a diary but too important to be totally forgotten. The halcyon days of summer. 


  1. Sounds as if a great day is going to had by all!
    Merlin thinks that a spot of 6am 'catch' is the perfect way to start the day, whereas Teena is struggling to fill the kettle.

  2. Squirrels, blackbirds.....a cat to chase...AND the possibility of endless games of throw the furry fox....even some rug surfing...that's the most perfect day ever....!
    Wait a minute though - how about some sausages and a bark or two at the passing pilgrims too? Perfection !

  3. Perfect start to the day. Leah told us in no uncertain terms that she was ready for her morning walkies, her antics had us starting the day with a smile, can't beat it!

  4. A great start, admittedly, but surely there will be more excitement to come!

  5. Maybe a few workmen could show up with lunch bags, yum! And don't you need more sand?

  6. Pretty much a twin of our day so far.
    Great, isn't it?

  7. Those morning routines, great way to start a new day.

  8. Halcyon days indeed. Now, if the ROF just cooperates...