Saturday, August 22, 2015

On time.

The river boat cruise ( by appointment in July and August )  is supposed to go at 9:30. We arrive at 9:20 to see it casting off. The man on board shouts out " Come back in an hour " before heading, gently, upstream. We don't.

Furry Fox plays a central part in Bobs day. The family fellow is in a '' Hello ! Fancy a game ? I just happen to have a Furry Fox with me " frame of mind.

The serial killers have now been accepted by the male PON. Female PON is not to be won over that easily. The new semester starts on Monday so Sophie's time in the wilderness will soon be at an end. 

Despite the heat the PON duo's ears have been remarkably itch free. To be doubly sure three more tubs of Wendals anti-itch Herbs are ordered and arrive within 24 hours. They seem to have helped .

Over lunch the American boys teach me how to take photographs without being noticed. Hold the i-phone up, fix a rictus grin on your face as though you're taking a 'selfie' and snap away. This I'm told is a fool proof way of confounding argumentative hat ladies. It must work - the crowd at the restaurant don't so much as bat an eyelid.

The American boys are now firmly in the habit of taking an hour for lunch. Sophie wishes they were sloppier eaters.

And then, for cat lovers, there's this fine example of cue card reading :


  1. I think the American boys are right, I hardly even notice people taking selfies these days.

    You're right about the video. And our cat would never for a moment tolerate my putting her into that bag, I'd have a better chance of using it for Todd!

  2. Well, Sophie can't have it both ways - serial killers or sloppy eaters - perhaps they are on their best behaviour ! Surely someone will play a few last games of throw the furry fox with Bob, before they take off for home ?

  3. The serial killers have "now" been accepted by the male PON. Really? Who are you kidding? Bob had their number as soon as they walked through the gate !!!!!!!! I am only surprised Bob hasn't been doing belly flops in the pool with them!

    1. So Good and So Very True! Bob is the Best! (and Sophie is good as well!! )
      Sorry, Yogi and I are all about Mister Bob

      (and I send this after 2 glasses of poor American Wine) Shhhh.