Monday, August 31, 2015

School starts on Tuesday.

To avoid a repetition of yesterdays 'excitement' we head away from the village pond down into the valley. Forty minutes of mayhem amongst the haystacks. Bob chases egrets, Sophie busies herself looking for desiccated voles.

The duo retain just enough energy to whimper loudly when tied to the lamp post outside the bakers. The bakers wife brings out a handful of flaky pastry. Bobs tail goes into metronome mode. 

As we walk back to the car we hear this wafting through the open door of the old Abbey. Why do snatches of unexpected music make you smile ?

In the afternoon swarms of pilgrims saunter through the village enjoying the sunshine. Schools start on Tuesday so this really is the end of summer . Bob dutifully barks at them.

Sophie yelps.

Unintimidated, the end of season pilgrims laugh and wave.


  1. Mmmm. Vole and then pastry.
    I'm thinking desiccated rodent pie could be a new contribution to haute cuisine?

  2. Darn, I was hoping for a repeat Green Dog performance!! Definitely a quieter day in deepest France profonde! DO I dare ask - does Bob enjoy smelling sweet after his bath? Our Goldie girl enjoys being 'beautiful' and smelling of Rosemary and Oatmeal - she preens!!

  3. Having enjoyed your daily news from France profonde, your humor and the dogs antics all the years since you left Italy, I Wonder: will you ever post a Picture of the waterfall, you often mention? Love your Pictures. Greetings to the Whole Family and a speciel to the Font from a Fellow scandinavian- Love Else Marie

  4. Angus thanks for posting the video...what incredible organs....that music would surely make me smile too.
    Rolling around in a field filled with haystacks and pastry bits afterwards sounds like the perfect day.

  5. Wonderful shot of Bob leaping onto the PON table.

  6. It may not have had the excitement of yesterday, but I think the trip to the bakers makes up for that!

  7. Sometimes the music we hear just sums up the moment perfectly.

  8. Precisely when school should start.
    Here, it started the first Monday of August.

  9. After all the excitement of yesterday, quiet day, today, then? Oh, the ignominy of being tied to a lamp post, but rescued by those wonderful slivers of flaky pastry !
    Poor Bob, if he's going to scare the pilgrims he'll have to get that ferocious bark just right !

  10. GREAT picture of Bob flying up top of the picnic table, Sophie's a sweat heart too.