Sunday, August 2, 2015

Nothing misleading.

The day of the Pottery Fair. The replica 16th century kiln is all ready to be fired. After last years 'mishap' with the chimney and the roof tiles, repairs have been made. A metal bar has been installed to strengthen the smoke stack. The roof tiles have been cemented in place. How the heat and smoke will escape remains to be seen. It should make for an interesting afternoon.

The Head of the Beautiful Byeways committee has failed to have the algae cleared out of the village pond. The Chairman of the Village Fleuri Committee thinks this will ruin the entire day. He has an anger management moment , says something profoundly impolite and storms off.

In the window of the town hall a notice for the Fete des Potiers - ' A tradition of pottery since 1550 ' - it says. A statement so vague no one could possibly assume that the pottery fair 'tradition' is only 12 years old.

Angus thinks this is almost as misleading as the fancy hotel in Charleston that promised us this :

Pass through double doors onto a magnificent private terrace with sweeping views of the city. Enjoy sunrise and sunset across the Holy City’s skyline from the sanctuary of the room’s private piazza

: and delivered this.

Bob and Sophie are prepared for a busy day of greeting visitors.

Bob has stolen Sophie's doo-doo. This has elicited an enthusiastic response. It can safely be said that the entire village is awake. So far no potters have shown up. ' The Font ' hopes that the lady with the beehive hairdo has remembered to send off the invitations.


  1. So the Fete des Poitiers committee has mastered at least one aspect of advertising - the misleading publicity material. Let's hope the system for sending out the invitations is equally in hand.
    Will be listening out for distant explosions this afternoon…
    Cheers! Gail.

  2. That kiln! Looks like an accident waiting to happen. Draw your draperies to protect yorselves from post explosion flying glass.
    Look to the bright side, If no potters show up, you'll have more room in your basement.

  3. I wondered when I was in VA Beach, how many people were disappointed when their rooms looked out over a Denny's parking lot instead of the ocean. Hopefully the amenities and service of the hotel you stayed at made up for your lack of view.

    I hope 'the Font' is wrong this time....

  4. I guess as long as you passed through double doors at the hotel, they think the description is I'd be very disappointed.
    Hope the firing of the kiln goes off without a hitch (is this possible?)...just hoping there are no injuries.
    Brownie says to tell Bob to give his sister's doo doo back to her.

  5. Bob and Sophie's French Adventure has been included in our A Sunday Drive for this week. Be assured that we hope this helps to point even more visitors in your direction.

  6. Wow! The kiln looks like a mini castle from the front. And in such a lovely location! I do hope it will be a fun day for all attending, and there will be some interesting pottery produced. Bob and Sophie should sleep well tonight after all the excitement !

  7. We do hope that the Fair was a great success, and also that you haven't needed to add to your collection in the basement?
    By now we think that Sophie has surely reclaimed her doo-doo, and she's probably given Bob the odd swipe or two with it - to show who's boss! Life at it's best in deepest France profonde.

  8. I just want to immerse myself in all that green - algae aside.