Saturday, August 1, 2015


The Friday evening rugby match played in heavy rain. A full crowd. From the preponderance of single fathers accompanied by lively male offspring we can assume that many family holidays have got to that '' They're your sons ! You look after them ! " stage. 

The little van with the chimney is doing a roaring trade in XL Rugby Burgers. Bob looks hopeful but is told dinner will be waiting when we get home. He sighs. Another of those canine ' into every life a little rain must fall ' moments.

The French are very keen on comic books. Anglo-Saxon parents do everything they can to stop their children reading comics. Here it's considered high culture.

On the road to the rugby stadium a sign informing us that the inventor of the steam engine was French. How stupid of me to think it was James Watt.

While her brother has been out gallivanting Sophie has been in the garden. She looks dishevelled and grumpy. That unmistakable  ' And where do you think you've been ? ' face. 

'The Font' has been overseeing the downloads for the new computer. They all fail. The joys of linking state of the art technology to a fifty year old copper telephone wire.

And here's a little bit of canned happiness to start off a new month


  1. I am amazed that I have lightening speed at the Convent. In the little seaside village in Essex, it is wall-climbing-ly slow, even at this time of the morning.
    PONs can do grumpy very well!

  2. With no brother to torment, and 'The Font' overseeing the downloads, there might be a slight delay with dinner, so what's a girl to do other than be grumpy !
    XL Rugby Burgers ...aaah, French cuisine at it's very best !

  3. Better luck next time with the XL burgers Bob.
    Toodle pip!
    PS from Gail: Sorry Angus but it's a common British misconception that James Watt invented the steam engine. His great contribution was to devise a way of improving the thermodynamic efficiency and thus make it actually useful to industry. But I'm afraid I don't know anything about Denis Papin. To Wikipedia!

  4. Poor Bob. Not even a morsel of burger favoured bread? Not fair to watch others eat and have nothing for yourself.
    Watt is most often credited in crossword puzzle clues (lLOL). Occasionally Hero of Alexandria. Popular media gets you everywhere.

  5. Even though looking a tad dishevelled, Sophie still has an air of Miss Diva about her....she is a cutie.
    Hope the Font is successful soon with the downloads for the new computer...sometimes they give trouble but with a little patience it does work in the end.
    Have a wonderful weekend!!

  6. Good luck setting up the new computer -- You can always read a comic book while you wait! :-)

    The photos of the burgers reminded me of a heart-stopping one that "Hardees" has come up with -- The American Thickburger with one-third pound of beef, a hot dog, cheese and a layer of potato chips, lettuce tomato, etc. I think the idea is to eat everything you would at a cook out all at once. Bob and Sophie would love it!

  7. Beautiful hot pink flower on the screen! I don't know nothin bout no computers.