Friday, August 14, 2015

The mathematician .

Sophie has fully recovered from her 'indisposition'. ( We're leaning towards a dead bat being the cause of the theatricals ). This morning she picks up her harness, carries it into the hallway and drops it on the ground. In case I've not fully understood that it's walk time she then sits and glares at me. That full on PON ESP treatment.

The little market town is hosting a science summer school. One of the worlds leading mathematicians arrives and takes a seat by the door of the cafe that serves coffee that tastes like liquid rust. He's wearing an electric blue cravat. One of those pieces of neck wear you thought had died out in 1860. He's clearly a flamboyant mathematician, if that's not a contradiction in terms. He proves to be quite famous

Sophie makes it clear that as she didn't have dinner or a bedtime treat she should start the new day with a double helping of kibbles. She is disappointed. She is even more disappointed to discover that her brother won't share his breakfast with her.


  1. I've just had a quick peek. He is very Oscar Wilde.
    Very happy top hear that Sophie is back on form. It's always a worry when they go off their food.

  2. (C.V. The pussycat bow is one thing, it's the centre parting of the hair that frightens me! )
    Why does Sophie remind me of Bat out of Hell ?

  3. Sophie's not got the art of subtlety cracked then. Well, lets face it, neither has that mathematician

  4. Aw poor Sophie - with the look that says 'I'm so starved...I have to eat dead bats'

  5. Sophie is positively tapping her foot with impatience.
    The Oscar Wildean math dude sounds like a very interesting read, thanks.

  6. Sophie does look determined to get her walk - even if she is starving !
    The description "eccentric" comes to mind when I look at the photo of the mathematician - he's determined to stand out in the crowd. Julie's right - subtle he's not!!

  7. If one is famous or rich, one can wear electric blue cravats....probably spats, too.
    How can you tell Sophie is glaring through all that fur?

  8. Oh how I would love to meet The Mathematician....he would make great conversation...I adore quirky people....I find them very interesting.
    So glad that Sophie is much better.