Sunday, August 16, 2015

Don't forget the mother.

A day of high excitement.15 children from the local school are being allowed to talk 'live' with a  Russian astronaut on board the Space Station. Each is allowed to ask one question - in English. At first light 'The Font' heads off with a very carefully tutored village eight year old and his proud ( but non-English speaking ) mother. 

Angus, abandoned, goes with Bob and Sophie for a walk by the river.

Down a quiet side street we discover a dog loving cafe. The Sunbeam. Or, to be more precise 'Le Sunbeam'. Completely deserted. Sadly, there are no croissants but there is a bowl of water and a friendly greeting from a middle aged lady dressed entirely in lace. Perhaps the lace lady can be trained in the art of serving breakfast bakeries ?

A detour to the canal for Bob to christen the pleasure boats . Must be high season. The boats are double parked. Bob takes great delight in his walk.

Back in the village The Old Farmer is readying the venerable Ford Transit motor home for a trip to Belarus. The weather here, having been scorchingly hot and dry, has suddenly become changeable. Rain one minute, blue skies the next. The chill is not to our old neighbours liking. 

After tonight's cinema en plein air the octogenarian traveller will fire up his conveyance and head off. '' I should be back in a month ". He also informs me that he has linked the sensor on his security light to the Christmas decorations that run around his gutter. Now if there are prowlers the place will light up like Coney Island on the 4th of July.

'The Font' returns. The eight year old was overcome by the enormity of the moment and forgot his English. The Russian had an accent straight out of central casting. Mutual incomprehension reigned.  Despite this Tower of Babel confusion everyone seemed to enjoy themselves including the mother who wept ( copiously ) with pride.


  1. In years to come we hope the little boy remembers the occasion with pride, but forgets that he was tongue-tied !
    Could it possibly be that "Le Sunbeam" will become a regular feature.....but where is the eccentric list of characters that made your adventures at the café under the arcades such a delight to read? Perhaps word will get round.....
    Tell the Old Farmer to mind how he goes !

  2. That should be list of eccentric characters !

  3. Le Sunbeam looks like it could be a winner.

  4. Where do the original cast of characters breakfast?

    Le Sunbeam holds promise. It just needs a little tweaking.

  5. Reassuring to learn that détente continues between les russes and les francaises - even if it is at a distance and restricted to one question from an 8 year old to an orbiting cosmonaut!

  6. Every year I go on Google Earth and try to trace the Old Farmer's route. What a journey! Hoping he isn't taking a bucket of wine with him! Le Sunbeam looks like the perfect spot to enjoy an illicit half croissant and a bowl of water. Shall we start a letter-writing campaign to the management?

  7. The problem with carefully rehearsed sentences in a foreign language, is when the answer is in tongue. LOL! We think cats and other creatures are going to be setting off the security lights.

  8. Wish we had those opportunities when I was eight years old....talking live to an astronaut on the Space cool is that??
    The Font is a gem to go along to help out with the English for the little one....I can see the pride in the mother's eyes.
    Angus you are an enabler...allowing Bob to christen all those boats along the canal.... he must have been in heaven.
    Gotta give The Old Farmer a medal for his adventurous I do wish I could tag along with him....he seems like such fun. A month is a long time for him to be gone, and I wish him safe travels....hope you have bestowed on him an emergency cell phone as per usual.
    I would purposely walk along the lane at night just to make the Old Farmer's lights go on and off in their Las Vegas style display.
    How are the cows in the other farmer's field mention of them recently.