Wednesday, August 12, 2015


The rain has gone. The onset of dry weather meets with the approval of the PON duo who can once again head across the fields to the waterfall. From the enthusiastic snorting and pawing of the ground it can safely be assumed that the waterfall has recently had a visit from a herd of deer.

In the supermarket a display of lab coats. Perhaps it's to do with the start of the new school year ? Or perhaps not.

Pumpkins also make an appearance on the vegetables shelves much to the delight of the older customers who detect the onset of autumn.

At the frozen food store a new range of ice creams.  This Lebanese example meets with the PONs enthusiastic approval.

Four carloads of holiday makers proceed through the village in convoy. Clearly lost. Later three motorbikes come rasping through at high speed. This generates a PON cacophony. The mayor and The Old Farmer have a lengthy chat about the organization of the upcoming 'cinema en plein air'. Bob observes them from his stump seat. An afternoon spent playing ' throw the furry fox'.  All in all Bob and Sophie have had a day of breathless excitement. The ice cream was the highlight. Or was it furry fox ?

And for those of you who live in France or Italy : 


  1. Oh my Giddy Aunt , furry fox and that delicious ice-cream. So jealous that neither is available in Australia. There is a sense of foreboding as to the planned night at the cinema. One suggests that this could be something like the Pottery Venture but perhaps is a silent move festival that dates back to the early 1900s. I sense the mayor and the old Farmer busy at work on the Theme.

    All is right with the world when there is ice cream and furry fox

  2. How to chose a favourite between furry fox and icey cream?
    Oh, and I know where the storms and rain are heading...our turn next it would seem

  3. What a glorious day for the angelic duo...perfection at its cream, furry fox, new scents in the just rained on fields...what more could you ask for?
    Wish I could experience those beautiful meteor showers from here on my island tonight, but alas, please you and Madame Font enjoy enjoy enjoy.
    Angus you already know that you will be involved in the setting up of the cinema en plein air screening production so be ready to give a helping help.

  4. I would say that it was all of the above for Bob and Sophie!

    Friends of ours have just moved to Abu Dhabi for 2 years, and tried camel-milk ice cream. They gave it a mixed review,(too salty) but I wonder what Bob and Sophie would think?

    PS: My quick advice for Sophie and visitors is let her decide the distance between them, and for them to not approach her, or make too much eye contact with her. And lots of praise and treats when she does anything positive.

  5. Joining the chorus of approval for the ice cream selection!

  6. Ice cream, throw the furry fox, and the Perseids. Life is perfect.

    They're visible in the US, too; I found one site that says there will be good viewing for the next several nights, weather permitting.

  7. Angus will once again be lending his expertise, and his ladder, for the cinema en plien air. Bob, will of course be overseeing the whole venture in between bouts of throw the furry fox and a short interlude for another taster of delicious ice cream. 'The Font ' and Sophie will sensibly be keeping a safe distance from the proceedings...

  8. Ice cream or furry fox....difficult decision.