Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Before the heat sets in .

The Bozo Family are here by seven. ' The Font ' wonders if this enthusiasm for early morning starts has something to do with drainage engineers wanting to get their work done before the heat sets in.

What appears to be a large green glass fibre boat is delivered. Monsieur Bozo proudly informs me that this will be the centre of the new filtration system. Tomorrow some 'experts' will be here to install it. Until now Angus had been unaware of the filtration system or the need for 'experts'. Could it be that the new drainage system at The Rickety Old Farmhouse is over engineered ?

More roses are transplanted.

To say Bob and Sophie are happy would be a huge understatement. Excitement, exotic smells and morose lads to throw the heavily chewed starfish. Apart from sausages what more could a PON ask for ?

Sophie wears a look of angelic contentment.  Humans find the presence of builders irritating. Dogs find their presence invigorating.

'The Font' attempts to water the transplanted roses but the pipe to the well has been mysteriously 'severed'.  Two glasses of Haut Medoc are had with dinner.  


  1. It all sounds like an excellent business opportunity for the local wine merchants...

  2. It's so true that dogs find the presence of builders invigorating - especially if they leave their lunch lying in accessible places, and can be persuaded to a few games of throw the Battered Starfish !
    We have septic tanks, and when they were installed, when the house was built, we also had a filtration system which cleans all our household waste water (including the lavatories) 80% and it is then piped round the garden to water the plants. I wonder if this is what M. Bozo has in mind? Can't remember if there were "experts" to install it, but I'm sure if it upped the price significantly, there were !

  3. I hope you have a good lawyer. Somehow I think that is where you'll end up.

  4. Just two glasses of Haut Medoc?

    (Kim - Life at Golden Pines... At work and who wishes she could have just one glass this morning)

  5. Experts =€€€. Does the family installing your tanks have a pricy new Italian car in mind or maybe a seaside cottage?

  6. The cottage will be in St.Barts.

  7. We think having a family of bozos doing work indicates problems ahead....