Thursday, May 19, 2016


Bob christens the tracks on the mechanical digger. He then gives the morose lads his '' that shows them who's boss " look. The morose lads seem to be unaware of the terrifying canine presence in their midst. They do however spend ten minutes throwing the chewed starfish. This gets the male PONs morning off to a good start.

Sophie carefully circles a large pile of fresh sand. Satisfied that it's not a threat she climbs on it. Then she rolls down it, repeatedly. What is it with dogs and piles of sand ?

While the mechanical digger is hard at work 'The Font' suggests Angus takes the angelic duo for a  long walk. Bob trots by my side. Sophie's tail can be seen bobbing in and out of the stalks of wheat.

At the car wash we watch in amazement as people meticulously clean every trace of dirt from the inside of their cars. Clearly not dog owners. 

It's another week of strikes in France. It's also the last day to hand your income tax form in. Madame Bay takes hers to the local authority building only to find it shuttered. The tax people are on strike. 

Angus and the PONs sit at the cafe outside the supermarket and enjoy the sunshine. Bob and Sophie share half a croissant and a bowl of water. An Arab lady in a headscarf sits at an adjoining table. She eats a donut. Sophie looks at her imploringly. 


  1. One hopes that M.Bozo has tip top insurance, if only to protect the morose lads from the terrifying canine presence in their midst !
    Is there ever a day when someone, somewhere, isn't on strike in France?

  2. Yes it all sounds a most satisfactory day.
    Especially the throwing the chewed starfish bit. Sounds like this set of morose lads are responding well to Bob's training.
    Toodle pip!

  3. We were almost caught in Paris this week when the train strike was called. Managed to change our travel to a day early but then almost couldn't get through to the gare because of the protest march. C'est la vie. Much more pleasant to stay in the country with the dogs.

  4. Today is tax day? I thought it was the 24th. Just sent an urgent email to my accountant!

    1. Only if you're handing in a hard copy rather than filing online

  5. This definitely looks like another best day ever. If only the donut had fallen to the ground . . .

  6. Looks like a great day! Love the pictures:)

  7. A good day at the start, middle and I hope the end too!

  8. Another best day ever....except for the donut.