Wednesday, May 4, 2016

It's in English.

6:43 am. The morning is greeted with a PON howl of delight. It's going to be the best day ever.

The Radio France weather forecast says the South West is bathed in glorious sunshine. It proves to be overcast and bracingly chill. This year the rape oil fields have been planted with two alternating varieties . One variety has come into bloom before the other. This gives the countryside a striped look. This is the first year we've ever seen this form of planting. Why ?

Fresh peaches in the greengrocers. Like everything else their season is three weeks earlier than usual.

The asparagus which was $4 a kilo has shot up to to $9 but it's of the thick stemmed variety the Germans and Dutch eat with boiled potatoes.

For the summer European Football Championships the French team have chosen this song. Someone in the government has belatedly noticed it's in English. It's sung with a South London accent , an affectation which the French ( bizarrely ) consider to be very chic. The Minister of Culture is not happy :


  1. Perhaps the football team have a more international outlook than the Minister of Culture? Why don't they just use Bob's howl of delight - that's bound to raise the fan's morale !

  2. I'm afraid the Minister of Culture is fighting a losing battle.
    Best sporting story of the decade has to be Leicester City winning the Championship!

  3. I meant to ask, are Bob and Sophie bilingual?

    1. Bob and Sophie can ignore commands in English, French, Swedish or Polish. They do however know the word for lunch in every language under the sun.

  4. Our Labs are exactly the same , though we'd drop the Polish, and add Spanish !

  5. Sadly the video is "unavailable in my country!" The photo of the fields (rape oil??) is beautiful. It looks like a painting.

  6. Angus, off at a tangent, but you will know you get frequent input from Gail and Bertie, here in Aberdeen. I wasn't sure if you might have seen this?

  7. What a lovely greeting first thing in the morning! Makes for a wonderful day...

  8. That's a morning greeting that would wake me up quickly.
    Maybe the two varieties of planting is an effort to get away from monoculture, create more variation in the fields?