Friday, May 13, 2016


The rain has gone. So has the wind. It's one of those perfect mornings. The growing warmth tempered by the lightest of breezes. Bob , his master and Bobs shaggy shadow set off along the lane.

At the crossroads we stop and look out across the ridge. Every morning Angus informs his shaggy companion that this is Bobs Country. Every morning his companion looks back up as if to say 'I have no idea what it is you're saying but it sounds good '. A dog owners routine.

Wild asparagus in the greengrocer. We'd seen people collecting it in Italy but had never thought it might also be a French thing. Strangely, it's labeled Ornithogales rather than asperges des bois

This morning the female PON joins 'The Font' on a power walk round the lake. All goes well until a family of ducklings crosses their path. In her defence it must be said that Sophie patiently waited for the last small and fluttery thing to waddle into the lake before opting to give chase. Much to her annoyance the female PON discovers she can't walk on water.

That constant background of mischief that marks out life with PONs. Things too inconsequential for a diary but too important to go completely unrecorded.


  1. Sophie not walk on water? Of course she can - she just needs to give it some practice !

  2. That photo of Bob surveying his kingdom looks like it could be the poster of a movie. In fact, Bob and Sophie would make a good movie, kind of like the classic "Milo and Otis."
    Your wild asparagus looks nothing like the kind picked in the garrigue around here. It's much fatter, with a fatter tip. You can see:
    Is it forest vs. garrigue? Or a different variety of wild asparagus? Interesting.

    1. The Italian wild asparagus was tall, thin and willowy. The product in the greengrocer is perhaps of the made for Paris variety :

  3. Here in Spain the wild asparagus is also thin and willowy. Your photo looks quite different. Have you tasted it? Our wild asparagus is not especially nice in my opinion but the Spanish love it.

  4. Probably a different variety of asparagus.. You'll let us know it tastes.

  5. Angus I read your first sentences and thought to myself "Bob and his master and their shaggy shadows set off along the lane"...made me laugh.
    What a beautiful day for you to the photo of Bob surveying "his country."

  6. Previous paws Chloe had the same experience chasing ducks, the look on her face when she hit the water was priceless.
    Nearly as funny as the sight of my husband taking his boots and socks of to go chasing in after her, luckily for him she instinctively knew how to doggy paddle

  7. It's so nice to imagine for a moment that I'm there, looking over Bob's shoulder at the lovely French countryside on such a day. Sophie really is adorable.

  8. Is that a PON's rendition of 'wild asparagus'?

  9. Hello, I sell this here in the States. Wild Asparagus is two things... actual wild asparagus which is a bit scraggly and actually is asparagus and what you posted (and what I sell). It is also called wild asparagus but it is not true asparagus. The flavor is almost a cross between asparagus and okra. It is also known as l'Ornithogale des Pyrenées