Friday, May 27, 2016


The local nuclear power station has called a wild cat strike and cut output by 50%. The strike was supposed to be next week but they've called it forward. Angus thinks that a strike at a nuclear power station sounds alarming. Clearly, the strikers don't. The roads from the motorway exit to the airport have also been blocked. We're not quite sure why or by whom.

It's Ramadan. Bob and his master are at the greengrocers by seven but it's already full of ladies wearing headscarves. They stand in the aisles and chat away animatedly.

We head off in search of petrol. The supermarket has just taken a delivery. We fill up. The readout on the dashboard of the little Skoda says we can go 1150 kilometres. We also fill a can for the lawn tractor.

The Bozo's have finished. What was scheduled to take three weeks has been completed in two. The trenches across the courtyard filled in, the septic tanks landscaped and the stop cock ( demolished by a morose teenager on a mechanical digger ) replaced. They have even had time to sort out a troublesome cherry tree root under The Old Farmers kitchen.

Considering that we've had between six and fourteen people here, every day, for the better part of two weeks their 'amended' bill isn't too bad.

The PONs now have clear run of their garden. That is something worth celebrating .

The end of Persian carpets ? :


  1. Well, it turns out they weren't clowning around after all.

  2. Finished a week early - my goodness, they did get a move on. We take it the PONs are praying for rain - all that lovely soil...?
    Glad you managed to find petrol - hopefully the strike will be over long before the little Skoda runs out !

  3. Fast, efficient and effective....who'd have thought? Hurrah for the Bozos!
    Looks like a PON Digging Paradise for the angelic duo. I feel a 'best day ever' coming up.

    1. If it rains it will be the best day of the century !

  4. Those carpets are lovely and I would like to know more about price, size, import cost, quantity made and whether 'wine leaves' are of the Shiraz varietal.
    Good old Bozos, we all knew that they would come good. How long before they are back to sort some other leak?
    Our ElC in Dept 33 - just: No filling of containers, 20lt max petrol and 30lt max diesel.

  5. Finished EARLY and not too much of a bill? Sounds like all at the Rickety Farmhouse have reason to celebrate.

  6. In the NYTimes today is another Iranian story about students being lashed for attending a graduation party
    which included both men and women (who were considered 'half naked. because they weren't completely covered from head to foot. A beautiful art form fades away, but ugliness persists.

  7. Concerning the reactor: exactly who is minding the store?

  8. So the water-main was repaired? I believe this is a FIRST in my reading your blog - a project completed early and competently! Pop open the champagne!!

  9. Surely this qualifies as a best day ever!

  10. All is well in your neck of the woods! :)

  11. Phew!!! So happy for you that it is all over....relax and enjoy the tranquility.