Saturday, May 7, 2016


A high speed check of the garden to make sure there are no intruders.

Bob patrols in silence. Sophie doesn't.

Finally we're all ready to get in the car and head off to the bakers.

The baker has been busy. The top of the display cabinet now covered in what appears to be a row of houses sculpted out of dark chocolate. This confectionery edifice joins the large unsold Easter eggs and white chocolate Hansel and Gretel in forming a barrier between us and the bakers wife. I can glimpse her through the glass but can't see her face.

For 'The Font' I buy a strange purple 'Figue' cake. '' Is it light " I ask . The disembodied voice behind the counter replies 'Very'. So much for the art of conversation.

Angus opts for a lurid green pistachio eclair.

The bakers wife steps out from behind the counter to talk to Bob and Sophie. They are given some slivers of choux pastry from a 'Sacristan'. For an instant both PONs look angelic.

They both leap up into the back of the car tails still wagging. So starts a Saturday in deepest France profonde.

This is great.


  1. Phew, Angus, I'm glad I didn't have one of those delicious cakes before I watched that video ! What great fun, but I'm sure the lurid green pistachio confection would have matched my face !
    It almost seems that the bakers' wife is weighed under (or even embarrassed?) by his huge talents.

  2. Oh, don't forget to cross your fingers for Bertie and Gail tomorrow - he's in the finals of Scotland's "Ambassadog". We do hope he wins.

  3. We're glad the bakers are showing some PON appreciation....with samples.

    We couldn't even see the stadium at first. don't know how they can land in it.

  4. I would hesitate at that shade of purple, even at a French bakery.

  5. Love the name of the Seal's team. I think it would go down well if they were French.

  6. I'm not sure "is it light?" is the right question to ask at a French patisserie....

  7. Video: Flying high out of a C-130! Yay !!! Our Best to Bertie an Gail !!!!!!!!

  8. The pastries never cease to amaze and tantalize. That's a lovely top picture of the angelic pair.

  9. The pastries are styled with a very contemporary flair. I'm comming to like that. And I most definitely like that Bob and Sophie are remembered when it comes to treats. It just has to brighten everyone's day to see their joy in simple pleasures.

  10. Good luck to Bertie and Gail.
    Ambassadog, that's a great name.