Monday, May 23, 2016

Next year it will be sunny.

We have been blessed with cloudless skies and brilliant sunshine for the first week of the drainage works.

Week two starts with heavy rain and strong winds.

The mud and clay in the garden are transformed into gloop.

We do our best to keep the angelic duo away from the open ditches.

PONs are a highly inquisitive breed. 

A washed and brushed Sophie falls asleep in the hallway. Her position carefully chosen so that anyone going towards the kitchen has to pass her by. 

It's the village Saints Day. Horse riders from miles around converge on the church. The rain proves to be of the power shower variety.

Madame Bay and the ladies of the Beautiful Byeways Committee have laid on a lunch. There are few takers. Most of the visitors have left, soaked to the skin, after an hour. There is cassoulet for a hundred but only twenty show up. These kind gentle people for whom a Saints Day is such an important event try not to show their disappointment. '' Next year it will be sunny " says the mayor. The Old Farmer, resplendent in his fur trappers hat with ear flaps, dispenses home made wine from the stainless steel tea urn. Walter, the depressive physiotherapist, brings out his accordion. Fortified by the Old Farmers wine the little lady in the purple hat sings.

So passes a wet Sunday in deepest, deepest France profonde.


Emm said...

"Horse riders from miles around" -- is this something peculiar to your town, or is it France-wide to observe various Saint days?
Perhaps next year there could be a contingent of blog readers to boost the numbers.

WFT Nobby said...

Excellent positioning Sophie.
Toodle pip!

Coppa's girl said...

Definitely a wash out ! Will M. Bozo and his band of morose lads be venturing out to continue work if it's raining today?

Angus said...

Every village in Italy seems to have a Saints Day and it seems to be a Gascon thing too. As for the horses the area is the French version of Kentucky.

Angus said...

If there's food to be prepared Sophie will be involved.

Angus said...

They've already started - and disappeared.

Jean said...

Yesterday was a washout here in Sud Touraine, too. All those soggy brocantes, such a shame.

Bella Roxy & Macdui said...

Oh well....maybe there'll be some cassoulet for the PONs

Unknown said...

"Next year it will be sunny" strikes such a poignant, hopeful note.

Bob's fur looks a bit Sophie-ish.

Beau and Mom said...

Always such excitement going on! Horses, cassoulet and wine can't be beaten as far was wonderful events.
The sun will indeed come out ... keep smiling, just wait and see.

Swan said...

I wondered the same thing..

liparifam said...

Ah, that makes me sad. Wish I'd been there to attend!