Wednesday, May 11, 2016


I've never known dogs so keen to start their day.

In fact I've never known dogs be so enthusiastic about any and everything.

Six pm. The village council meeting. Items on the agenda: Organization of the Pottery Fair ( or Fayre as it's now been christened to give it an aura of antiquity ) , the renewal of the Cash and Carry account, the renovation of the Salle des Fetes lavatory ( a hole in the ground affair ) and ways of preventing the pre-teen boys from using the war memorial as a goal post. 

The village odd job man tells the little lady with the purple hat that she shouldn't have  told the journalist that the statue of Jesus spoke to her. ' I've spent all day picking up litter '. The little lady in the purple hat points out that she didn't say the statue spoke to her. '' I said it made a noise when I was passing with my dog on our morning walk ".The mayors wife digresses onto the quality, or lack of it, of the food in the hospital where she had her hip operation. Everyone agrees that it's shocking not to be offered a cheese course with dinner. The lady with the Marge Simpson beehive hairdo informs the committee that the chimney sweep has moved in with a new 'woman'. '' She's turned his house into quite a little love nest ".  'The Font' tries to steer the conversation back towards the agenda. This proves unsuccessful. The man with the anger management problem has a 'moment' and leaves. 

Over dinner 'The Font' usually sips a small glass of Pauillac. Tonight it's a large glass quickly followed by another.The builder with the Mitsubishi stops by to say that he can get a bidet at a very good price for the Salle des Fetes loo. 'The Font' wants to say that running water is a greater priority than a cheap bidet, but doesn't.

Another committee meeting is scheduled in a fortnight.


  1. I admire 'The Font's' determined effort to steer the committee back on to the agenda, but in the face of other, much more interesting village gossip (oops sorry, I meant news!) I'm afraid it's a no starter !
    A bidet at a very good price, but no running water ? You've lost me there Angus - I've obviously missed out on something important ! Hopefully it's not further problems at the ROF ?

    1. A visit to the gate by the builder who suggests the proposed upgrading of the Salle de Fetes lavatory includes a bidet.

      We do however expect the builders to arrive to replace the old septic tanks with a shining new system this week or next ( they were supposed to have been here six weeks ago ) so the issue of running water may yet appear in this blog.

  2. Surely 'The Font' could see that the lack of a cheese course in the hospital is an matter of such import that it would merit a digression even if world peace were at stake.
    PS I too am confused about the bidet/running water issue.

  3. Ah ... la confusion! An "agenda" is French for a diary - so I presume, an invitation to recount any personal experience that is considered worth sharing, like hospital menus and conversations with leaning statues.

  4. This is hilarious. I can just imagine it, along with "The Font's" rising blood pressure.

  5. Quite a leap from a hole in the ground to facilities with a bidet.
    Bob & Sophie will no doubt be VERY keen to start the day once the septic tank installation gets underway.
    All those lovely fumes and the freshly dug earth to investigate. Doggie heaven.

  6. The village council meeting is a wonderful French comedy; possibly not so wonderful for those in attendance.

  7. Your village meetings are just buzzing with activity and gossip! What great fun!

  8. As a veteran of numerous New England town meetings, I recognize that scenario. And laughed a lot.

  9. Just had to laugh. Sounds like proof to the old adage that a camel is a horse designed by a committee. Still trying to work out why the Village Hall might even need a bidet. You may have to stock up on the Paulliac.

  10. I agree with Bella/Roxy/Dui, I think more Paulliac may be needed for everyone.

    By the way, on Facebook there are "daily memories" that pop-up and one yesterday was between Lynn (Rocky Creek Scottie's) and me about Digby's passing. Has it really been 6 years already?