Thursday, August 18, 2016

A new schedule.

Bob is blessed with fine fur that always looks the same no matter what the weather.

Sophie's coat is thick and luxuriantly furry. It does not respond well to hot, humid conditions. After an early morning bout of hyperactivity she then spends much of her day dozing in front of a fan. 

At seven there's a heat haze over the mountains.

By eight the heat haze has burnt off. The heat remains.

In the greengrocers garlic. Lots and lots of garlic. It looks as if a truckload has been ordered and delivered. Perhaps it's garlic buying season.

A lengthy chat with The Old Farmer. The trip to Belorussia has been delayed while the Belgian lady obtains a replacement passport. The new departure date is rescheduled for early September. Rather than use registered mail they will drive to Paris in the ancient Ford Transit motor home and pick up the visa from the embassy in person. Everyone seems happy with this new itinerary.


  1. Bob's hair is nicely groomed. Sophie's fan blown hair is most stylish, with her shorter bangs! Maybe there is a vampire convention, you have not heard about which would account for the large quantity of garlic. Couldn't hurt to pick some up, just in case!

  2. So glad that the Old Farmer's trip is sorted.
    Sophie might appreciate a family move back to Scotland. Or at least a long 'summer' holiday here…

  3. That's ail rose de Lautrec, from just north of Toulouse.

  4. Let's see . . . garlic soup, garlic ice cream, baked garlic, roasted garlic. No vampires at the ROF, no sir.
    Those of us with hair that doesn't do well with heat and humidity have great sympathy for Mlle. Sophie.

  5. Some days I glance in the mirror and just think, "Sophie."

  6. Garlic looks good but don't worry you're a long way from Transylvania !
    No matter how their hair is, Bob and Sophie are the best !