Wednesday, August 17, 2016


A day so hot even Sophie, usually oblivious to the weather, is keen to get up the hill and home.

She stops just long enough to catch her breath and watch the sunrise light up the other side of the valley.

 Safely home, Sophie and her brother are rewarded with half a carrot from the chiller.

Angus heads off to the Prefecture for his interview for a residency permit. The appointment is scheduled for 12.30 but they're running late so is rescheduled for after lunch. This information is disseminated by means of a hand written note attached to the glass door of the administration building. 

Perhaps it's guilt for having kept me waiting but the interview is completed in a quasi-friendly way in less than ten minutes. Translated and notarised copies of passport, birth certificate, health insurance, tax status and half a dozen other documents are checked and retained by the Ice Maiden. My fingerprints are taken. The device used is exactly the same as the scanners used by US immigration. It works on the third attempt. 

To the wonderful cheese mongers for a Boulet d'Avesnes and.....

... some Plaisir au Chablis.

There is also some Brie de Melun which is so much zingier than the Brie de Meaux. I'm told Brie de  Montereau is the best but have yet to see it being sold anywhere.

The Old Farmer was due to set off for Belorussia yesterday. He's still here. I'll talk to him later today and find out what is happening with the Belgian lady's passport. 


  1. Replies
    1. Cheese , like wine, tastes better when well cared for.

  2. Absolutely Bertie, couldn't agree more. The cakes are fantastic, but the thought of a chunk of that glorious cheese on a piece of freshly baked baguette is, indeed, something approaching Heave

    1. PONs love all cheese. They also love baguettes.

  3. I just renewed my carte de séjour in October and didn't have to do fingerprints. Nor translation of my passport or anything. ???
    Those cheeses make my mouth water. I would look like a giant moelleux Revard if I went to the fromagerie too often.

    1. Perhaps it was east because it was a replacement ? The documents required are st out here :

  4. I imagine the officials at the various Prefectures are going to be doing a lot of such interviews in the next couple of years, especially with people who carry red passports.
    Those cheeses sound divine.

  5. Ahhhh, Brie. Sounds a great accompaniment with a glass of wine in the sun this afternoon. Expecting a gorgeous 21°C today.

    Glad you weren't subjected to 'Extreme' vetting.

  6. If only I could be delighted with half a cold carrot, but a selection of brie sounds much better.

    Oh dear, I do hope the Belgian lady is not being moody and treacherous, delaying the happy plans of others.