Saturday, August 13, 2016

Hope springs eternal.

Bob wonders whether it's possible that 'The Font' has left some sausages, unattended, in the back of the car.

Hope springs eternal.

He's disappointed but emerges with his 'nothing ventured nothing gained' attitude intact. 

The donkeys have made another bid for freedom. They've escaped from the farmyard and are happily munching their way across the fallow field by the crossroads.

Sophie eyes them warily even though they're 100 metres away. A girl can never be too careful. 

Will the donkeys return to the village green and eat the Village Fleuri Committees new dahlias ?

The excitement of French village life on a ( already)  hot August Saturday morning.


  1. It's always important to check for unattained sausages.

    1. In this case 'unattained' works just as well.

  2. My guess is that, yes, the donkeys will eat the dahlias but I wonder if they are brave enough to venture into the green pond?
    Bob, it's unlikely you'll find any unattended sausages - Miss Sophie will have been way ahead of you !

  3. The patchwork of the late summer pastures is very beautiful and serene.