Tuesday, August 16, 2016

It starts off calmly.

The hottest day of the year. It starts off calmly but soon the PON character traits are evident.

Boundless enthusiasm

Untrammeled mischief

Irrepressible laughter

Interspersed with naps.

A bakingly hot day with two housebound ( and exceedingly lively ) Polish Lowland Sheepdogs. Smoked mackerel for lunch and roast chicken and rice for dinner. In the evening, when its cool, they lie on their backs on the stone pool surround and practise their synchronized snoring routine. 

Just another of those happy, lazy, dog days of summer. On balance the smoked mackerel probably makes it the best day yet.


  1. We got a few fat, hot drops of rain last night, just enough to raise the humidity a bit but not enough to water the garden.
    I hope it won't be too hot. Visitors from the north arrive today and will have to stay in the attic guest room. It can be stifling. Especially for folks accustomed to highs of 15.

  2. Smoked mackerel and chicken - not even sausages can beat that !

  3. Synchronized snoring, you have such a way with words. Makes me laugh.
    Linda in Carmel Valley

  4. I sometimes wonder why I find the sound of people snoring so irritating, but Edward and Apple's snoring so soothing. A true dog lover, I guess.

  5. Bailey Bob has created his indoor dog routine. It is centered around staying away from all doors leading to the suffocating outside!