Monday, August 15, 2016

Meteorites at night.

Monday morning dawns. Sophie wakes. She lets us know she's awake by emitting a variety of whines and whistles. 

Bob kisses his sister. His sister looks long suffering.

Then into the back of the car. The little Skoda is coming up to 4 years old. It's got 75,000 miles on the clock.  The dog hair has woven itself into the carpets in the back. The plastic door panelling is scratched as is the the glass on the rear window. A strange smell seems to permeate it. We'll wait until there's 100,000 miles on the clock then trade it in for another 'sacrificial' car.  You can leave the little Skoda unlocked ( and with the engine running ) in the sure knowledge that no joy rider is ever going to steal it.

At the bakers I buy two orange cream eclairs for lunch. The PONs are extremely disappointed in their masters lack of imagination.

Back on the ridge the sun beats down. It's high summer in deepest France profonde. A time for dozing indoors during the day and watching the meteorite showers at night.


  1. Love the picture of Bob kissing Sophie. He is such a good, loyal chap!

  2. There are a lot of girls out here who'd really appreciate one of Bob's kisses.
    Oh, those cakes - what a way to start the week !

  3. Have you ever heard of "Car Talk," a radio show on NPR in the U.S. with two MIT-educated brothers who ran a car repair shop? The elder brother recently died, and the show is in re-runs. One of them told of being in a fender-bender--the other driver's fault. He and the other driver each got out of their cars. Nobody hurt. His car was dented, but it was very old, and he told the other driver not to worry about it. Then he drove off. He said it was a wonderful feeling, not to care about your car getting scratched or dented.

  4. I'm having a hard time turning away from the pastry photos.

  5. A trip to your baker is the stuff of dreams. One of everything please!
    Sophie looks especially delightful in her photo. We love her bright smile. Tell Bob we'd be happy for a kiss from him any day.
    Good year for Perseids.

  6. If I saw the pastries sitting on the seat of the Skoda, I may be tempted to steal them instead of the car! :-)