Thursday, August 11, 2016

What can words add ?

Some mornings are just so perfect ...

the only thing you can do ...

is smile ...

and be thankful ...

for the privilege of being there.


  1. This post is just so full of Joy - truly is a contender for the 'best day ever'

  2. I DO love those photos where you could just glimpse the church's like an anchor.

  3. Balmy days, wonderful setting. Great photos

  4. Amen.

    Thank you, Angus. May you and yours enjoy a million more days, just like this.
    Pam in NH

  5. And very thankful you were kind enough to share the sunrise over your village!

  6. Absolutely perfect - a day to treasure always.

  7. Hello Angus! Catching up on what I've missed, and find this post, on the same day that we lost our girl Sheba, perfectly said for that day. Our morning began perfectly with no thought of what may come. Perhaps that was how it was supposed to be - This post reminds me of that. Thank-you for your kind words, and as always, for your friendship.