Friday, August 26, 2016

Startled owls.

Angus sleeps badly. The Barn Owls decide to have a midnight gathering on the drawing room window ledge. When the owls flap their wings the security lights come on. Every time the lights come on the startled owls fly off - screeching. After the fifth episode Angus comes to the view that causality is a concept alien to Barn Owls.

At 3:41 the fire alarm downstairs has a 'moment'.  It emits a high pitched ( and extremely annoying ) trilling noise. The PONs decide to howl just in case I've slept through the ear deafening trilling.

Angus comes downstairs, stands on a chair, unscrews the fire alarm cover and removes the battery. The trilling stops. A number of phrases that shouldn't be heard by children punctuate the process. The PONs think this is great fun.

Come 7.35 Monsieur Bozo arrives, unannounced,  at the front gate to ask if everything is alright with the new septic tanks. '' By the way M'Ongoose. I had an additional bill from the water board for the work I did. Could I drop it off tomorrow ? ". I tell him tomorrow will be fine.

Next to arrive is The Old Farmer . He hopes to head off with the Belgian lady to Belarus next Wednesday. The Old Farmer chats away to Bob and Sophie. He lost his German Shepherd in the same car accident that killed his wife and youngest daughter. Sometimes I think he comes over not so much to talk but for some canine madness.

No sooner has he gone than the French teacher rings the bell.  She's brought some green plums and some cherry tomatoes. Bob and Sophie like the French teacher but they don't like her bike.

Finally, the mayor 'pops round' to tell me that he's shutting up the town hall early. Why he should tell me this is a mystery. '' There's nothing to do today " he says breezily. The town hall is theoretically open for 2 hours on a Tuesday morning and 2 hours on a Thursday morning. Quite what it does while its open is unclear.

The PONs love visitors. Due to the heat Bob has changed his guarding routine. Instead of standing on his stump seat in the direct sunlight he now stands under the shade of the little Skodas tailgate and looks ferocious. I'm not sure he succeeds in this. His sister has given up guarding until it's cooler. She dozes in front of a fan.

So passes another day when nothing, absolutely nothing, happens. Bob and Sophie find it all highly exciting.

If you suffer from vertigo don't watch the last 90 seconds of this :


  1. With two PONs around, how can every moment of life be anything other than exciting? Seems to me that there is nothing like a quiet life in your little village. Lovely photos of the happy duo - even Bob looks cheerful, despite part of his flock going missing.
    The first part of the video reminded me of the old Camino del Rey in Southern Spain, and given China's record of collapsing buildings, I'm relieved the intrepid lads made it safely to the top. I wonder if they absailed down?

  2. Bertie wholeheartedly shares the PONs dislikes of bikes.
    I failed to heed your warning. Amazing how ill one can feel watching a video a few inches wide on a computer screen.

  3. Odd how that one fellow seems so concerned about his dirty hands while standing hundreds of feet in the air and risking his neck.
    Sophie's latest fringe trim is perfect...she looks especially adorable today.

  4. Were they panting PONs today? They look hot but there is lots of sparkle in their eyes.
    The video was tough to watch. I agree with Shelia about the concern over dirty hands. Seems ironic.

  5. I can't believe I watched that whole video :(

  6. Sounds like a well rounded day - from very early morning shenanigans to a nonstop flurry of visitors. Early night?

  7. Beautiful pictures of Bob and Sophie. They look a bit warm. I would be with Sophie in front of the fan.

  8. Your "nothing happens" day sounds quite exciting, even cosmopolitan.
    As someone with acrophobia, I'll pass on the video. Thanks to all for the warning comments.