Friday, August 5, 2016

Less squiffy.

The day starts off well. Then the windscreen in the little Skoda mysteriously develops a large 'L' shaped crack.  I call the insurance company. The lady who answers the phone informs me that chips are covered. Cracks aren't. I point out how ludicrous this is. '' It is an exclusionary clause Monsieur " she says before putting the phone down. Who ever knew people actually speak like that ?

I spend two hours trying to find a garage that will do the ( uninsured ) work. Most are closed for August. Those that are open give me a date in September. Car Glass gives me a date for five on Friday afternoon next week. Only later does Angus wonder if the last slot on a Friday before the peak holiday weekend is such a good idea. What could possibly go wrong ?

The PONs are oblivious to the stresses of modern life. Bob guards the front door. Sophie ensures the kitchen is safe.

In the late afternoon we go to the florists and then to the cake shop.

The cake shop is deemed to be the more interesting.

Sophie has the hair over her eyes trimmed - again. She now looks less ' squiffy ' .

All returns to normal at The Rickety Old Farmhouse.


  1. "Gateau de voyage" is a very intriguing concept. May one be allowed for a staycation?
    A friend was very happy with the work of Car Glass. Fingers crossed for you.

  2. I agree about the cake shop...VERY interesting!

  3. I would be excited about the cake shop too!

  4. Wow! those are cakes for a houseful of visitors - or someone who doesn't worry about their waistline !

  5. Was the exclusion clause in tiny writing, in French?

  6. The sunflower picture was very happy! Sorry about your windshield in your car. That is a big crack! We need to replace one on the back door of our van, as of last weekend.