Saturday, August 6, 2016


Sophie has a dried leaf caught in her paw fur. It takes a full diva moment before her master recognizes the seriousness of the situation.

Off to Castle Gloom to deliver a thank you letter for their invitation to dinner earlier in the week. Anglo-Saxon thank you letters are muted affairs. A brief '' How wonderful. We must do it again '' usually suffices. French thank you letters are altogether more effusive. Angus uses the words conviviality, luminosity and vivacity. 

At the greengrocers fresh dates. Can't remember ever having seen fresh dates for sale anywhere - not even at markets in Saudi Arabia or Jordan.

Today there's also water melon with yellow flesh rather than red.

Brontosaur Egg plums from Spain.

Time for a walk in the valley before we head home.The PONs are in a particularly good place. Their routine is pretty much set in stone, they have a flock to guard and the bakers wife is out of her extended post natal depression and back in  croissant sliver dispensing mood.

For the PONs yesterday was good but today is even better.

Here's an interesting article about birds :


  1. You even got a photo with grey clouds and dead grass.

  2. I am wondering about your selection of the word 'luminosity' (or presumably the French equivalent) in the thank you missive...
    Cheers, Gail.

  3. Conviviality, luminosity, vivacity? Now you've gone and done it. You'll be back at their table in two weeks time.
    Delightful photo of Sophie.

  4. Why do the words 'paw fur' make me smile?
    Understandable that Little Miss Diva got so stressed - that leaf could kill - especially if it was wet and you trod on it!!

  5. Special kind of brain that would oome up with a flight data recorder for a frigate bird.
    Do the PONs like watermelon? Our Lily considers it a great delicacy.

  6. I do feel Sophie's agony. How could she dance and prance in her usual manner, with a leaf stuck in her paw fur? How many acres do you think Castle Gloom has?

  7. Poor, delicate Miss Sophie. It's a good thing you rescued her from that wicked leaf.
    I had no idea that fresh dates looked like that. I've only ever seen the wizened things in stores.

  8. Castle Gloom - an apt name for it, but it's not very prepossessing is it ! No wonder the evenings there are so dire - dread to think what it would be like inside.
    Thank goodness you rescued Sophie from that terrible leaf. Something like that, stuck in a girl's paw, does her street cred no good whatsoever.

  9. Just a leaf in the fur? Sophie is a Diva. The scotties always have sticks, leaves, vines, burrs...