Saturday, August 20, 2016


Human furniture is strictly out of bounds to PONs. Something we thought was clearly understood.

On returning from the airport we find that a sofa in the drawing room is showing signs of having been slept on.  It has a Sophie shaped indentation and strands of 'diva' matching white hair on the fabric. 'Someone' has curled up and made themselves comfortable.

When confronted with the evidence Sophie feigns complete innocence.

Bob looks mortified.

Today the PONs are coming to terms with migrating American college boys. There are few college boys who can withstand Sophie's guilt inducing dinner time stare. '' I hope that you're enjoying that ". Sophie is told that being fed from the table is not allowed. This is another rule she's seeking to change.... or simply ignore.

Bob lives for his daily routine. Sophie constantly seeks ways to remind us that there are a host of 'improvements' that she would make to the housekeeping service.

The story on the right hand side of this ever wonderful Laphams Quarterly blog - 1931 - will make any dog owner smile :


  1. Sophie you are too right that improvements are required. Keep at it girl!
    Toodle pip!

  2. I have to chuckle about the sofa, I've come home and "surprised" one of our crew more than once when they were on our sofa too. The rules truly don't apply to diva's!

  3. The sofa picture all by itself brought an instant smile. And so did the blog article. So very reminiscent of another Millie I know.

  4. Hmmmmmmm!!! I think we can all relate to the sofa picture. All of you are going to have such fun with your guest! Hope fury fox shows up for endless games late in the night.

  5. Sophie, you'll have to let us know what improvements you make. You'll manage to charm the visitors into giving you little "extras", but just remember - afterwards comes the diet !

  6. Wonderful that some people return dogs! We know all about pushing-the-envelope dogs in this house....

  7. I've tried the method of laying small side chairs across the sofa to block access. Even that doesn't work. The ultimate fallback, and human admitting the loss, is when you put a sheet over the cushions while you're gone.
    I like the unicorn needlepoint pillow, very nice.

  8. I hate to admit this, but after 4 labs, and "us getting older" ... we have loosened our rules. I now have a blanket on the sofa so Mr Beau can jump up and snuggle with me when I read. (Is this like parents with 4 kids, when the rules start to loosen up?) Oh well ... it is what it is. :)