Saturday, August 27, 2016

Under an umbrella.

Another scorcher of a day. Bob is waiting in the library when I come downstairs.

So is Sophie.

The library has a cold stone floor which is deliciously cool. In summer this becomes the PON bedroom.

Out into the garden until the heat builds and it's time to come indoors. Angus trims the lavender, or, at least makes a start on it. There are still bees around so the lavender bushes that are still in flower are left well alone. Sophie takes to heart the lesson that a Princess should always doze under an umbrella. I try to explain that to avoid the sun the umbrella should be open.

The last field of sunflowers now past their prime. Their heads starting to droop. That only leaves melons and the autumn wheat to be harvested before the farms dotted along the ridge settle down for winter.

This is the CIA guide to dog training. The CIA clearly doesn't employ PONs :


  1. I am waiting to hear the low growl of the grape harvesters soon.

  2. Your sunflower photos look like a painting Van Gogh did! Such a sunny sight! 39C sounds very uncomfortable!

  3. Bob and Sophie always seem to pose so amiably. Our pets have generally not displayed such a spirit of cooperation.

    1. Beau and I totally agree ! ! Beautiful dogs and amazing pictures. :)

  4. The sunflowers are beautiful at every stage!

    I have to think that Sophie would put up that umbrella if she only had thumbs!